SpaceIShare helps people earn extra monthly income during tuff economic times

SpaceiShare is a space-management marketplace that connects people who have space with those who need space. Through a commitment to creating new sources of income for Canadian households, SpaceiShare is connecting neighbours and strengthening communities.

January 21, 2021 (Toronto, ON) — Lost jobs across the country have been creating more and more stress for families who have lost income due to the bad economy. Many are seeking extra ways to earn money, usually through odd jobs and consulting. However, SpaceiShare, a marketplace for storage and parking, is helping people make money from space they’re not using.

This Toronto-based startup—founded by Sarah Selhi—is on a mission to help people share space in communities across Canada.

“This year, many new Hosts posted space and more Renters moved their belongings out of storage facilities and into SpaceiShare properties than ever before. Not only did they save over 50% off their storage costs, they were also helping out a neighbour or small business.” notes Selhi. “In addition, parking has received an increase in demand and despite more people working from home, there’s still very much a demand for parking all over urban and suburban centres.”

“Safety and security are paramount at SpaceiShare, and this year was no exception. We released information on how our Hosts and Renters can be safe when sharing space and the good news is, there’s far less interaction with someone storing belongings than there is when someone is living or working on your property.

SpaceIshare ensures all Renters and Hosts sign legal agreements, protecting both sides. In addition, SpaceiShare offers an “Assurance” Guarantee of up to $5,000 that can be triggered if there are any issues with damage to the property.

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Host Claudia Rambuchin opened up her basement to a potential Renter, and found success with a neighbour down the street. “Within 3 months, I had a Renter paying me $300/month for part of my basement. She didn’t need access more than once a month and to date, it has been great making this extra money while I’m out of work.”

SpaceiShare spans across the country with a focus on major cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa.

Contact Info:
Name: Sarah Selhi
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Address: 56 Widmer St, Toronto, Ontario M5V 0B8, Canada
Phone: +1-844-977-7223

Release ID: 88994482

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