Spectral Edge Showcases Breakthrough FPGA Image Signal Processor at Computex Taipei

New ISP with RGB+IR Fusion capability launched for FPGA

CAMBRIDGE, England, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Spectral Edge, an image processing IP company based in Cambridge UK, has been identified as an innovative start-up by the Talents@Taipei organisation and invited to exhibit at Computex Taipei as part of a global program to foster international business relationships in Taiwan.

Spectral Edge will be presenting its newly launched ISP (Image Signal Processor), powered by Spectral Edge Fusion technology, 'SE Fusion,' developed for security, automotive and consumer markets. The event will take place at Taipei International Convention Centre from 28th May - 1st June and Spectral Edge can be found on the InnoVex booth -the start-up platform of Computex. Spectral Edge will also be participating in all post tradeshow activities organized by the program, including a meeting with the Mayor of Taipei.  

When incorporated into the SoC or FPGA inside the camera, the Spectral Edge ISP will deliver high quality, colour accurate images even in low or mixed lighting conditions. It does this by dynamically balancing visible and near infra-red (NIR) light in real-time by taking four channels - Red, Green, Blue and NIR- and intelligently fusing them down to three, so they can be seen by the human eye. It is the only technology on the market today capable of achieving this without introducing pixilation, artefacts or additional noise.  All in embedded real-time, without the need for expensive AI networks. SE Fusion also ensures minimal loss of resolution, while delivering improved contrast, dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio. This means that what is lost in colour as daylight fades is made up for in additional texture and depth of image which the NIR delivers given suitable infra-red illumination.

As well as dramatically improving overall image and video quality in poor light, Spectral Edge's ISP enables facial, object and action recognition tasks, along with other surveillance applications which demand the highest quality images to achieve accurate identification to minimize false positive alerts. The Spectral Edge ISP is also able to reveal much more depth and colour detail that would normally be hidden in foggy or hazy conditions, making it suitable for outdoor security and automotive applications.

"The future of RGB-only sensors could be threatened by the Spectral Edge ISP, which offers highly accurate colour reproduction and high resolution," comments Rhodri Thomas, CEO of Spectral Edge. "Not only does it minimize the total number of moving parts it generates a build and materials saving for camera manufacturers because only one sensor and lens is needed.

The Spectral Edge ISP for FPGA powered by SE Fusion is being launched at Computex. The ASIC-ready version is expected be the end of this year.

To arrange a meeting with a member of our sales team or schedule a demo to see our RGB + IR Fusion-enabled ISP in action, send an email to info@spectraledge.co.uk.

Cambridge UK based Spectral Edge combines cutting-edge image processing with machine learning to improve pictures and videos on consumer electronics devices.

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