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Spinify Unveils "Sidekick", the only ChatGPT-enhanced Sales Gamification and Employee Engagement Platform

Spinify Unveils "Sidekick", the only ChatGPT-enhanced Sales Gamification and Employee Engagement Platform

Ultimate AI assistant poised to disrupt the employee engagement landscape, fueling motivation and productivity through cutting-edge technology and unmatched personalization.

TORONTO, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Spinify, a leading sales gamification platform designed to boost sales motivation, productivity, and engagement, has released "Sidekick" a cutting-edge AI-powered platform designed to help businesses of all sizes unlock the full potential of their sales teams.

The only ChatGPT-enhanced Sales Gamification and Employee Engagement Platform
The only ChatGPT-enhanced Sales Gamification and Employee Engagement Platform

The "Sidekick" AI assistant harnesses the power of GPT-4 technology to redefine the way sales managers establish smarter goals, better insights and more personalized experiences aimed at empowering their sales teams to achieve their full potential when it comes to pipeline growth and revenue.

With Sidekick, customers enjoy an average of 33 tailored recommendations per day, completely eliminating the creative block that sales managers often face when designing gamification competitions, enabling them to focus on what's most important — coaching and fostering team engagement towards success and hitting their targets like never before.

"Gamification is all about creating fun competitions that inspire and engage employees," said Matt Bullock, Founder and CEO of Spinify. "By leveraging ChatGPT and personalized settings that understand the selected industry and company culture, Sidekick is on track to deliver over 40,000 monthly recommendations to craft unique and compelling competitions that truly resonate with employees. This innovative approach to gamification not only boosts employee motivation but also removes the burden on sales managers who may not be naturally creative in this space."

This breakthrough technology is crucial for driving sales and business success through smarter competitions; personalized experiences at an industry, business and team level; motivational tools and inspiration based on unique corporate needs; and customized metrics with real, engaging, and visible data, which can be displayed in various locations, such as desktops, TVs, Microsoft Teams, and more, ensuring that the entire team stays motivated and informed.

"Spinify Sidekick is an absolute game-changer for me," comments Tricia Matz, Atlas Staffing's Manager of Process, Technology & Safety . "As someone who doesn't consider herself particularly creative, I found myself struggling to motivate and engage our recruiting teams through traditional methods of contest placement. But with Spinify Sidekick, I've been able to come up with far more imaginative and exciting competitions, which has helped us achieve 100% team motivation and engagement. I couldn't be more thrilled!"

Sidekick is a testament to Spinify's commitment to innovation and stands apart from existing solutions in the market. Its groundbreaking features, such as the integration of GPT-4 technology, personalized settings, and compatibility with various display options, firmly position Sidekick as the future of employee engagement and motivation for sales teams.

Bullock adds, "Our vision for Sidekick is to be the ultimate support that sales managers need. The fusion of AI and gamification is a powerful combination that will redefine the way we think about employee engagement. Sidekick is and will be the driving force behind this revolution, ushering in a new era of inspired and motivated sales teams, with a remarkable 27% increase in competitions created since its launch, leading to heightened visibility of crucial business-driving metrics and empowering them to achieve even greater success."

Companies seeking a powerful, personalized, and engaging solution to drive performance can now turn to Sidekick as their secret weapon for success.

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Spinify is a leading gamification platform designed to boost employee motivation, productivity, and engagement. With its wide range of customizable features, Spinify offers businesses an effective, fun, and innovative solution to improve team performance and cultivate a positive work environment.

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