Sports'n'train New Website Launches

Sportsntrain launches on-demand request site

A revolution in the market

SINGAPORE, Feb. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Sportsntrain website's beta launch was on June 19 in 2019, approximately six months since its creation in October 2018. Recently, the founder announced the official launch of the website that will be available in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. find and compare all sports coaches, academies, clubs, and association all over Singapore find and compare all sports coaches, academies, clubs, and association all over Singapore

Consumers who were not able to get a personal training platform for their sports are now encouraged to use sportsntrain's website launch to get quality coaches in various academies.

New Era

As of January 2020, the website is gaining traction and success with more than 70 coaches and academies for users to choose from. The platform also provides more than 45 sports, including personal trainers, Sea kayak, karate, swimming, tennis, and meditation sports like physio.

"Being both a sports coach and a sportsman has given me a broad perspective on what I seek from professional guidance and what is desired from individuals hoping to achieve their personal goals and living their dreams," said Mr. Fabrice Nachbaum, the founder and CEO of Sportsntrain. "We all need a little boost and a helping hand. That is why I've created SportsnTrain to connect consumers not only with coaches but with communities of fellow sports enthusiasts."

Recently one of the most user-friendly websites for connecting sports enthusiasts to coaches and academies, Sportsntrain's website goal is to transform lives through quality coaching to improve the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of customers.

A one-size fits all due to the on-demand request

Can't find any suitable option? Coaches will align and make counter proposals thanks to the smart tool on-demand request. For example, if a consumer has a budget of SGD100 for a personal trainer and the minimum price required is SGD200, coaches are free to accept this offer or not. Additionally, the site provides higher on-demand request to all coaches on the platform, setting it apart from other competitors in the market.

Since its setup, Sportsntrain has partnered with several organizations such as Optimum Badminton Academy (OBA), The Jungle, Singat, Summit Martial Art and Fitness, and A2 Parkour. Since its public launch in early 2020, the Sportntrain website has been a unifying platform that brings together coaches, gym fanatics, kids, communities, and sports corporations.

Interested in finding a suitable coach for any sports activity? Hear Mr. Fabrice Nachbaum recommend some of the best coaches at

About Sportsntrain is a personal training platform that provides sports enthusiasts and gym fanatics with a smooth, secure, and accessible interface for finding suitable coaches and sports academies. As of 2020, the sportsntrain website is a smart platform that includes state-of-the-art booking features, and a smart business model generating long term revenues.  For more information about our products and services, please visit

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