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From Star Athletes to Celebrities, Cryotherapy – The Up-Trending Game Changer for the Perfect Weight Loss Solution, by Slimpify

From Star Athletes to Celebrities, Cryotherapy – The Up-Trending Game Changer for the Perfect Weight Loss Solution, by Slimpify

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - July 10, 2018 - The coldest treatment that's the hottest weight-loss trend right now. Using the latest Cryo-Fatilizer to Destroy 1,500 calories in a 3-minute Cryo session, which is equivalent to a 120-minute run. The State-Of-Art Breathable Air Cryotherapy Treatment Chamber will be introduced as the first in Singapore, by Slimpify. Did we say it's a Nitrogen Free, walk in Chamber as well?

Simplify -- The World's First Slimming Clinic by Doctors. As a part of Singapore's #1 Largest Multi-Award Winning Medical Aesthetics Group, ONLY Aesthetics. Slimpify will focus on the up-trending Game Changer -- Cryotherapy, to offer the most effective weight loss solution and never before experience in the market, said Adren How, CEO of Slimpify.

The coldest place in Singapore, will be opening of its first outlet store in Singapore, Royal Square @ Novena.

From Star Athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt to Celebrities such as Kevin Harts, Tony Robbins, are using The Up-Trending Cryotherapy. It is a new concept taking the health, beauty & weight loss industries by storm, and it is completely scientifically sound in its concept and results.

One session will have you feeling amazingly energised and rejuvenates you to a level that you can't imagine. The cold temperatures trigger a rush of "good feeling" endorphins and the mood effects of the treatment can last for days. One of the best modern-day technologies, the accelerated body elixir for radical body performance improvement, that jump starts your metabolism, optimizing immunity, which accelerates weight loss.

Cryotherapy weight loss is a different ball playing field that proposes many benefits when comes to weight loss. Slimpify provides one of the fastest and safest ways to burn body fat, that helps shed off close to 1,500 calories per session. It rapidly increases your metabolic rate in conjunction with regular exercise and good diet coupled with cryotherapy is sure a perfect weight loss solution.

With whole body Cryotherapy, the user is exposed to cool, dry air vapours at an amazingly low temperatures of −110°c for up to 3 minutes. The body prevents hypothermia by regulating blood flow to the core, where the most nutrients are found. Once you are in the Cryo chamber, gasless nitrogen free freezes your body in order to lower the temperature. When the user steps out of the chamber and out of the cold, blood picks up these nutrients. The body then distributes the nutrients from the core to the rest of the body. You are never left alone.  A trained Medical Aesthetician stays with you throughout your treatment and you can leave the chamber at any time you wish during the treatment.

After your Cryo treatment, your brain signals to the rest of your body to rush blood to your core and vital organs to increase your body heat and therefore your metabolic rate.  Then, the enriched blood rushes back out and through your body, boosting immunity, cell renewal, and providing natural pain relief.  Your body is therefore using a considerable amount of energy to heat back up again and this is how Slimpify's whole body cryotherapy works.

For up to about 8 hours following your whole body CRYO session, you'll burn about 5000−6500 Kilojoules (kJ).  That's around 1200 -- 1500 calories. So, a 3-minute Cryo session is the equivalent of a 120-minute run. 

On top of weight loss, we are targeting actual Fat Cell Loss, you gain fat cells when you gain weight. When you diet your fat cells shrink, but they don't go away. The number of fat cells you have matters. Losing fat cells also smooths out stubborn fat areas like your love handles and stomach 'paunch' This is great news since excess fat cells may be the cause of your trouble areas and this loss is near permanent. The best part is you have the ability to alter the number of fat cells you have, WITHOUT diet or exercise.

Cryotherapy is also one best way to improve sleep and an awesome night rest. The connection between sleep and weight loss is simple, the body actually burns fat while sleeping. Poor sleeping patterns is a big contribution to weight gain. Cryotherapy treatment activates the extra oxygen in the bloodstream to relax the body and brain. A stable sleep pattern triggers faster weight loss. Furthermore, with the improved sleep pattern above and a cryotherapy session, there is a decrease in fatigue level and leads to more energy. This cumulates to increased desire to work out and follow the designated weight loss routine, which works to give you a renewed sense of energy.

Apart from the perfect weight loss, Cryotherapy served as a cold treatment to tackle a range of concerns, including slowing or reversing skin aging, supporting fat loss, preventing chronic diseases and anti-aging benefits. Aids in tightening the skin and increase collagen production. Extreme cold can improve mental and physical health and even prolong life.

I can't say enough about it, where else in you know three minutes that you can see that big impact in overall wellness, said Daniel, the Head of Marketing.

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