Star Landscape Introduces Vertical Walls For Purposeful Living

Star Landscape Introduces Vertical Walls For Purposeful Living
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 28 February 2022 - Star Landscape has adapted vertical walls to Singapore's households, creating a space for a multitude of purposes according to a client's preferences. The selection of walls include an aesthetically pleasing garden wall to a fragrant and functional herb garden, depending on the client's aim for the wall installation. With Star Landscape's new line of walls, they hope to bring their expertise to fulfil their client's vision for green spaces.

Star Landscape, a landscape company in Singapore , has switched up the concept of a large scale vertical wall mainly used for aesthetic purposes, scaling it down for it to fit into any Singaporean's homes. Such spaces have been known to greatly benefit the mental well-being of those around them, especially in the time of the COVID pandemic where people are spending more time at home. With this, homeowners are given the option of bringing greenery into their lives as their gardens can be integrated seamlessly into their living spaces. Utilising the proper filtration and watering system allows for it to be installed in any homes without concerns of clutter or dirt.

Moreover, the general public in Singapore has a belief that gardens can only be set up in landed properties or large residences with a front yard. Star Landscape hopes to challenge this through clever design and by providing vertical walls that can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, with minimal upkeep and fuss. They are looking to continuously innovate with better designs while keeping up their other garden and landscape designing services.

Star Landscape is home to landscape and garden design professionals with more than a decade's worth of experience. From traditional garden maintenance and landscaping, they have also included into their repertoire the installation of grand gazebos and durable composite decking in Singapore . Their clientele includes many residential and corporate projects, with their expertise lending well to both small and large-scale projects. As such, through their new launch of vertical walls, Star Landscape strives to create harmonious living spaces with the use of purposeful gardens and greenery.

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