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Statista Unveils Game-Changing Insights: Asian Markets on Digital Marketing Upward Trajectory

Statista Unveils Game-Changing Insights: Asian Markets on Digital Marketing Upward Trajectory.

Businesses only with an online presence won’t do much if they are not following modern digital marketing practices. With digital marketing, marketers can reach out to their ideal audience from the 900 million internet users across Asia, and tenfold their business sales, according to the latest research.

Here are the trending digital marketing modes that marketers can start today to skyrocket their Asian business’s online growth, during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Leverage Short Video Platforms

TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook all now offer short video posting formats. These are usually 15 to 30 second clips (though, can be longer) that grab short attention span users and convey them messages via entertainment.

You can also use short videos for user-generated content (USG). They may be influencers, cultural icons, or the public itself. Incorporate these reviews or feedback into your business's official pages to gain credibility and trust in the market.

Short video is currently the trendiest (and the fastest) digital marketing method to grow your business in Asia.

2. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search has already reached up to 50 percent across multiple Asian countries, like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. By conducting voice search optimization (VSO) along with search engine optimization, businesses in Asia have grown more effectively.

An additional benefit is that since most of the users using voice search to surf the web are young, optimizing for it can help you make your brand more relevant, visible, and consumable for them.

3. Start Mobile Marketing

In Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, over 50 percent of shoppers are using phones. With mobile marketing strategies like location-based marketing, SMS marketing, and proximity marketing, you can maximize your chances of reaching out to them.

These strategies have helped businesses in these regions earn up to USD 120 billion (approx.), all by incorporating mobile marketing into their marketing campaign in the year 2021. The idea here is to ensure that your business website (storefront or portfolio) provides an excellent overall experience for your ideal customers.

4. Invest in Content Marketing

Content marketing is when you publish online content (blogs or vlogs) to raise awareness in your niche, and drive sales from qualified leads. About 70 percent of marketers are investing largely in content creation to grow their business only according to Ahrefs.

Content is critical for SEO as it targets more keywords and develops traffic from Google, thereby strengthening a website's expertise. With advancements in AI and the possible launch of Google SGE, searchers are likely to pose more questions online, making proper content marketing strategies necessary. Begin by creating high-quality content; this is the cornerstone for achieving enduring success and enhanced visibility within search engines," reports Killian Kostiha, Managing Director of Get Clicks.

5. Utilize Marketing Automation Tools

Emails, social media posts, and online blogs and vlogs are all categorized as business touchpoints–occasions where your business interacts with your customers. Here, providing unparalleled communication to your consumers increases the chances of conversions (sales).

Doing all these by yourself as a business owner can be tiresome, and the fun part is that these are mostly repetitive. And, if anything is repetitive, it can be automated. Here, using automation tools can help save your time, money, and energy by a lot.

These tools usually come in subscriptions, and all you’ll have to do is set different campaigns for the first time around only. Then, based on the settings, the processes will keep repeating whenever a customer interacts with your business. Email marketing is an example.

5. Use Personalized Chatbots

Instant and relevant replies to the potential consumer help in building trust in your brand and higher sales. For this reason, many businesses are using AI or Flow chatbots for end-to-end consumer support.

The fun part is that these chatbots can handle almost 68 percent of consumer chat sessions on their own. This means you’ll be automating most of your customer service, saving time to focus on more important aspects of the business, maybe like improving your product?

Marketers are also using the backlog data from these chatbots to analyze the target market’s purchasing behavior. It’s helping them improve their consumer’s interaction experience at the digital stores to the maximum possible level.

6. Host Hybrid Marketing Events

Marketing events allow your ideal customers to engage with your product/service, and improve your brand’s overall talkability and recognition. The pandemic saw a massive shift of these in-person events to online. But, as the restrictions are being lifted up, businesses have started holding hybrid marketing events.

These hybrid events are de facto in-person events that are also being marketed and streamed online. Many businesses (whose events are more like webinars) are even charging their customers to attend them.

Not only can these events make for an excellent way of attracting new customers and increase word-of-mouth marketing, but can also help you generate extra revenue.

Digital Marketing Will Grow Your Business Tenfold

The strategies listed are all effective, but only if done right. Rather than rushing into any of these, take your time and research. Analyze your business, and your ideal customer. Tailor your online marketing strategy according to the target audience. Like all marketing methods, however, digital marketing also takes time. But when done right, it can help your small business become a multinational giant.

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