Statistics Show That Your Child’s Literacy Skills Will Determine Their Future

Find out the importance of teaching a child how to read. Statistics show that literacy skills are key factors determining future success beyond high school-so it should be at the forefront of every parent or educator's goal!

The U.S. Department of Justice has recent statistics that show over 70% of inmates in the country's prisons are illiterate or barely literate, meaning they cannot read above a 4th-grade level. It has been shown that people who can't read at an early age end up on welfare or in jail later in life, which costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year.

The United States has one of the highest illiteracy rates among industrialized countries, with 25% of American children growing up without learning how to read proficiently by the third grade. These students are four times more likely to drop out of school because they lack basic reading skills. This is a serious issue that causes immense social and economic consequences for our country, so it's imperative that we find better ways to identify these kids early on and get them help before it's too late.

A recent study has shown that American 4th graders are reading more often than their 8th-grade counterparts, with 53% of 4th graders claiming to read for fun "almost every day." The report also shows that while 20% of 8th graders said they read for pleasure daily, only 13% of 12th-grade students would make this claim. With illiteracy rates in America at 15%, these statistics show a clear decline in Americans' rate of reading material outside of school.

The statistics are shocking and the problem is real. One out of four American kids doesn't learn how to read proficiently by 3rd grade, which means they are four times more likely to drop out of school. To address this issue, Amy has evaluated many programs and came up with what's called Children Learning Reading Review. Focusing on phonics, reading comprehension skills, and basic vocabulary words, the program helps students start reading early.

Why do children need to start reading early?

The importance of being able to read cannot be understated in today's society where information asymmetry occurs daily between those who chose not to learn how to understand our world and experience it visually while also leading them through things like biased news articles or blogs designed only with one side's argument.

A new study by the New School in New York City has found that reading book enhances empathy in children. The researchers say it is important for parents and teachers to encourage early literacy because of its many advantages such as better understanding other people's feelings, enhanced creativity, and innovative thinking skillset among others!

Recently the UK organization The Reading Agency found that reading for pleasure can increase empathy, improve relationships with others and reduce symptoms of depression. They also believe it has a major impact on dementia risk as well!

The recent report from this renowned institution outlines how we all benefit when there's time dedicated to spending quality alone time engaging in one of life’s simple pleasures: books. By making an effortless choice between pages or screens (or both), individuals are more likely than ever before - whether young or old; rich/poor; introvert/ extrovert alike —to live healthier lives by developing better connections outside themselves while strengthening what lies inside us too; including psychological wellbeing.

Reading is not just a form of entertainment, it's also an investment. Children who are confident about reading will be more confident in school because they'll have greater self-esteem and better problem-solving skills!

A study conducted by AmyandRose on children between the ages of 3-6 years old, who were randomly assigned to one of three groups where they either read books independently, listened to stories while looking at illustrations, or watched video clips. Comparing how often each group showed empathetic responses towards characters in the story revealed that those who read the book experienced more empathy than those who only saw it through videos or audio recordings. These findings suggest that reading not only improves language skills but also increases understanding and consideration for others around them which can help with social interactions later in life.

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