Stay on top of the game with BT Weekend

Stay on top of the game with BT Weekend

They're high-flyers in their respective fields but they're also super-achievers when it comes to their own hobbies. Whether it's mountain-climbing, cooking for hundreds of people or spinning the decks as a deejay, three top professionals share how much passion they put into their personal pursuits.

Also in the Weekend magazine, if you're more of a couch potato, check out our guide to the newest cruises that appeal to the hipster crowd. On the food front, nostalgic favourites get a modern twist in the hands of creative chefs and coffee purveyors.

Sharing is caring - or is it? In the main paper, Brunch explores the externalities and issues arising out of the new sharing economy and asks, is it all for the greater good?

Were you told you were "overqualified" when you didn't get the job? Cubicle Files debunks that myth.

Sass and the City looks at two mysterious incidents that made headlines recently, and what they mean for our outlook on life.

Having great sound in a small space is the raison d'être of a soundbar, and Gearhead finds that the HT ST5000 from Sony delivers just that.

And in The Steering Column, Porsche's new Macan Turbo SUV sports a fearsomely fast drive.

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