The strategic cooperation ceremony of Airbus and Appotronics was successfully held in Shenzhen, China

The strategic cooperation ceremony of Airbus and Appotronics was successfully held in Shenzhen, China

SHENZHEN, China, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Appotronics Corporation Ltd. (SSE Star Market listed company, Code: 688007.SH) and AIRBUS China Innovation Centre (ACIC) held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Shenzhen, which means the two leading companies from the laser display industry and the aviation industry have formally reached strategic partnership.

It is reported that the laser display application project based on aviation products jointly promoted by Appotronics and Airbus currently has no competitors of the same type in the market and has first-mover advantages. If it can be successfully developed and commercialized quickly, the market space will be imaginative.

Based on laser light source technology and laser projection solutions from Appotronics, they will explore aviation application possibilities and application scenarios including commercial fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters.

Airbus will propose related display requirements according to the scenarios, and Appotronics will provide solutions, and the two parties will discuss the relevant technical feasibility. Appotronics is responsible for the completion of program development and projection research and development, and the final industrialization will be jointly promoted by both parties.

Appotronics invented ALPD® technology in the year of 2007. ALPD® solved the problems that impeded the marketization of the RGB laser display technology, and became the pioneer of the technology industrialization on a global scale. This technology has become the mainstream technology in the international laser display field, and successfully established China's global leading position in the field of laser display.

ALPD® technology architecture, as an underlying key architecture, can be extended to apply in many fields. Based on the pioneered and continuously upgraded ALPD® technology architecture, Appotronics has invented the core component of laser display: the laser optical engine, which was been applied in film, TV, education, large venue display and other scenarios to develop numerous laser display products and systematic solutions.

AIRBUS China Innovation Centre (ACIC), the first innovation centre set up by Airbus in Asia, bases in Shenzhen. The centre serves to fully leverage local advantages including the innovative talents, partners and innovation ecosystem in Shenzhen to design, testing and certification projects in five areas, including hardware lab, cabin experience, connectivity, manufacturing innovation and urban air mobility.

In addition, the content of Appotronics's cooperation with Airbus also includes aviation certification technical reserves. The aviation certification system has high standards and strict requirements. Most of the products or technologies that have passed aviation certification are absolutely leading in the industry. Appotronics is also in a leading position in the field of laser display in the field of original technology innovation and global patent layout.

It is reported that by the end of 2020, Appotronics had a total of 2,890 patent applications and granted patents worldwide, of which about 70% are invention patents. The original ALPD® technology has been regarded as the development direction of next-generation laser display by the international industry , and has been cited by the industry, domestic and foreign enterprises more than 600 times.

AIRBUS China Innovation Centre focuses on the development and cooperation of on-board hardware lab, cabin experience, connectivity, manufacturing innovation and urban air mobility, and has made positive progress. In this cooperation with Appotronics, the two parties will jointly explore a variety of application scenarios of laser display technology in the aviation field, create a futuristic, digital, and personalized cabin flight experience for passengers.

Dr. LI Yi, the founder and chairman of Appotronics, said they always believe that technology innovation should serve a better life. While completing a number of original technological breakthroughs "from 0 to 1", they also promoted the market application of these laser display technologies in cinema, engineering, education and household fields, thus creating more new categories and tracks.

This cooperation with Airbus is a breakthrough attempt in the aviation field, and it may carve out a brand new business model, combined with Airbus's world-class channel advantages and brand influence, maximizes the commercial value of laser display solutions in the aviation field, and ultimately achieves win-win cooperation.

About Appotronics

Appotronics Corporation Ltd. is a Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) Star Market listed company (Code: 688007) and one of the leading technology company in the laser display field with in-house R&D, patented core technology, and critical components manufacturing capability.

Appotronics is one of the first SSE Star Market listed companies in China,and remains the first SSE Star Market listed companies in Guangdong Province, from the laser display field. Appotronics has headquarter and R&D center in Shenzhen with subsidiaries and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and North America.

Appotronics is true leader in the laser display field formed by the global R&D leaders from specialized areas such as optics, electronics, materials, physics, mechanical engineering, and precision manufacturing.

Appotronics invented its signature ALPD technology in 2007. This technology has become the mainstream technology in the international laser display field, and is the first to realize industrialization in the world. Appotronics has launched cinema, domestic, commercial, educational and other display solutions, and are widely used in cinemas, command scheduling, exhibitions, virtual simulation, outdoor lighting, stage performance, education, home and other fields. At present Appotronics is the fifth company worldwide and the first in China to manufacture laser digital cinema projectors that meet the DCI certification.

Known as the industry leader, Appotronics has established strategic partnerships with reputable global companies and brands. In 2014, Appotronics founded CineAppo with China Film to leverage the strength of both companies and formed a powerful partnership for digital cinema innovation in China. CineAppo relies on Appotronics'industry-leading laser light source technology and outstanding R&D team to drive digital cinema projection innovation in China. The mission of CineAppo is to become an one stop service solution provider through the integration of advanced R&D, manufacturing and distribution. We currently are #1 in market share of China domestic laser film light source deployment.

In 2018, Appotronics combined forces with Barco—a Belgian company and global leader of video and visualization solution provider for the entertainment and enterprise markets, and China Film formed a joint venture with Cinionic that continues to provide "global high-end cinema solutions".

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