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Success Staffing Launches Mobile App to Address Immediate Covid-19 Employment Needs

New Business Model Benefits Workers and Those in Need of Temporary Staff

Today, Success Staffing announced the upcoming launch of its new app, “SUCCESS”—The Staffing App, scheduled for December 1, 2020. The app addresses changes in employment needs for both companies and workers. Due to the pandemic, employers who want to ramp up and hire or re-hire full time workers cannot yet commit to a long-term hiring approach either because of financing or because they are not yet able to gauge a consistent workload. Conversely, employees who want full-time employment often cannot devote eight hours per day, every day. Their reasons range from family commitments such as infant care, home schooling one or more children or caring for an elderly parent.

A spokesperson for Success Staffing explained the benefits of “SUCCESS”—The Staffing App, noting, “We work only with reputable companies. Our new cutting-edge app allows employers to have access and hire a ‘workforce on-demand’ whenever the need for a temporary employee arises. Employers have the ability, 24/7 on-demand, to call on available workers based on skills and schedules. Many people are keeping children at home and adults need to supervise virtual schooling. The idea is that both the employer and the employee need flexibility. “SUCCESS”—The Staffing App makes it possible for both sides to be successful.”

Offering an example, the spokesperson added, “If grandma comes on Tuesdays to watch the kids, the parent can set work for Tuesday. If a person wants to work only after 5 p.m. or overnight, they can specify preferred availability, making it easy for both employer and employee to find each other. This is a perfect win-win.”

The easy-to-use Staffing App is envisioned as the preferred solution for employment challenges. Employees who need work but cannot yet commit to traditional employment during the COVID-19 crisis will now be able to use the app to find employers open to shift work or seasonal work, even for one day per week.

Success Staffing is a proven employment service that matches fulfilling and flexible jobs with willing and able workers who want to earn money and have financial security. They have a proven track record and are respected in the industry. Unlike other employment agencies, Success Staffing offers many jobs that are well-suited to stay-at-home parents, students and retirees on social security. They can work on their own terms. One additional benefit for companies using the app is that they can interact directly with workers, without having to go through the agency. This is usually not possible with other agencies. Companies can even rehire people or keep a team of people they like for future assignments through the app.

Success Staffing knows that in 2020, people are dealing with an unprecedented change in working and employment conditions. Yet employees need to provide for their families while limited in how they are managing living and working. Success Staffing is the best answer to list and find employment. The company’s new app gives employers access to a workforce at their fingertips. It provides an easy and convenient way for employers to hire while providing job seekers the choice to accept various types of full time, part time and flex time jobs. Employees can apply and be accepted within minutes of passing a background check, based on desired shifts and schedules.

Success Staffing was a recipient of the Select Cobb grant, which was given with the primary purpose of increasing jobs in Georgia. The app will only serve Georgia upon launch, but will expand shortly thereafter.

Pre-registration for app download is now open at Those who register now will be informed when the app is ready for download by email.

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