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Sungold Illuminates RE+2023 with Tailored Solar Solutions

Sungold Illuminates RE+2023 with Tailored Solar Solutions

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Sungold, a global manufacturer of solar panels, participated in the RE+ 2023 energy event from September 12-14. At booth #3645, Sungold showcased its cutting-edge customized solar solutions. The event brought together experts, innovators, and industry leaders to discuss the latest advances in renewable energy technologies.

As a pioneering supplier of solar panels, Sungold participation in RE+2023 underscores its commitment to revolutionizing the way users utilize solar energy. From home balconies to remote outdoor adventures, Sungold offers customized solar solutions that enable customers to embrace sustainable energy in various environments.

Customized Solar Solutions

At RE+2023, Sungold is showcasing its wide range of solar products, each designed to meet unique energy needs:

1. Balcony Solar Systems: Sungold innovative approach to harnessing solar energy on home balconies enables urban dwellers to make the most of available space. By seamlessly integrating solar panels and microinverters, homeowners can reduce their electricity bills while minimizing their carbon footprint. The innovative stained glass panel design offers more possibilities for visual space.

2. A must-have for outdoor adventures: The Hi-Power series high-power solar panels are the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts. The portable solar panels have an IP68 waterproof rating and are adaptable to various portable power stations. After testing, under ideal conditions, it only takes 6.25 hours for a 400W portable solar panel to fill up a 2000wh energy storage. Whether people are camping, hiking, or just enjoying a picnic outdoors, Sungold lightweight and efficient panels provide reliable power.

3. Mobile Charging: The SPC series charging bags and the Winner Bag series of portable cloth-sewn charging bags demonstrate Sungold commitment to convenience and sustainability. Compact and portable, the charging bags are perfect for charging smartphones, tablets, and other devices while on the move. The BXF series of all-in-one portable solar panels can also be hung directly from the backpack.

4. Caravan and RV Energy: Sungold TF Series flexible solar panels are customized for caravans, campers, and yachts. The flexibility and efficiency of flexible solar panels make them the first choice for those seeking to power their mobile homes with solar energy.

RE+2023 Energy Event

With more than 15 years of industry expertise, Sungold has solidified its reputation as a provider of customized solar solutions that transcend geographic boundaries. Sungold dedication to sustainability is also evident in its ethical sourcing of materials, ensuring that all of its products have a minimal impact on the environment.

The atmosphere at the Sungold exhibition at the RE+2023 energy event was electric. Showcasing cutting-edge solar panels and eco-friendly technologies, the booth was vibrant with attendees eager to explore Sungold latest products.

Sungold's President, Mr. Wei-Wen Lu, was happy to be there: "Our participation in RE+2023 is a testament to Sungold commitment to shaping the future of renewable energy. The enthusiasm here is contagious as we share a vision of a greener, more environmentally friendly future. We are also pleased to see the interest and excitement of visitors as they witness first-hand the potential of solar energy to transform lives and the planet."

About Sungold

Sungold is a preeminent solar panel manufacturer/solar panel supplier with over 15 years of industry experience specializing in innovative solar solutions for a variety of applications, including residential, commercial, and off-grid systems. Sungold unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has earned it a global reputation as a trusted provider of solar energy solutions. Sungold has a presence in more than 100 countries and has earned the trust of tens of thousands of customers worldwide.

For more information about Sungold and its comprehensive range of solar solutions, visit the Sungold website or meet with company representatives at booth #3645 during the RE+2023 event.

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