SUNLU Launches SUNLU S9 PLUS on Kickstarter

SUNLU Launches SUNLU S9 PLUS on Kickstarter
  • SUNLU S9 PLUS is the Industry's First 3D Printer with Clog Detection and Filament Dryer Integration

ZHUHAI, China, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Sunlu Group ("SUNLU"), an international 3D printing consumables company, has launched an official Kickstarter campaign for its SUNLU S9 PLUS next-generation 3D printer. The first of its kind to incorporate a filament clog detection function, built-in filament drying system and automatic leveling, the S9 PLUS significantly increases the success rate of 3D printers while being incredibly cost-effective and easy to use.

"The S9 PLUS is a cost-effective 3D printer with industry-leading features such as clog detection, integrated control of the drying box function, and integrated automatic leveling. With the S9 PLUS, we have created an affordable full-featured large-size printer and made high-quality 3D printing accessible to more people around the world," said Wang Tao, Product Manager at SUNLU.

The S9 PLUS 3D printer's FilaDryer is an integrated filament dryer system that automatically activates as soon as the printer enters its working state. With a built-in fan and customizable operating program that allows users to adjust the working temperature and times, the FilaDryer promotes internal air circulation to enhance print quality.

Meanwhile, the built-in clog detection feature that reduces print failures while enhancing the safety of unattended printing. The printer automatically detects and monitors the printing and feeding status and, when a break is detected in the filament, the nozzle will return to the home position and enter standby mode until the clog is processed. In addition, the 16-point automatic leveling function uses 3D Touch technology and a self-developed algorithm to ensure the printer platform stays as close to the horizontal plane as possible during printing projects.

Designed for beginners and veterans alike, the S9 PLUS' impressive 310mm x 310mm x 400mm bed size supports larger print jobs and the 4.3" touchscreen display makes operation a breeze. Other user-friendly features include the real-time filament detecting function that suspends printing when consumables run out and resumes once replenished, a memory module that records print progress to support continuous printing after power failure, and full mute for whisper-quiet operations.

Ahead of its launch, the S9 PLUS has received the seal of approval by leading 3D printing publications including The Scale Modelling Channel and Thin Air 3D.

The S9 PLUS is available on Kickstarter now. For more information, please visit:

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