Suntech Showcases 300W Half Cell Black Modules at the 2018 Solar Solutions Int. in Haarlemmermeer in the Netherlands

HAARLEMMERMEER, Netherlands, March 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd. ("Suntech") announces today it is participating the 2018 Solar Solutions Int. in Haarlemmermeer.

Solar Solutions Int. is the largest commercial platform for solar energy industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. It provides sales and trade opportunities for all the professionals regard to the supply chain in this area.

Suntech shows the 300W all black half cut solar modules. It contains different ways of designing which is using the hybrid mode with series-connected and parallel-connected. With half-cell technology, the module power output can be maximum10W higher than the traditional design, and it reduces the system cost with the help of higher module power output. Under the condition with the same current and voltage, the internal current reduces to 50% of the traditional modules and the cell temperature decreases to 20~25℃ during operation, compared to the traditional design which alleviates the hot spot effect.

In addition, the size of half-cell is smaller than the traditional cell, which means that the damaged area is also smaller for half-cells when cracks occur by the external force. At the same time, the special complex circuit is optimized by using the distributed junction box design, and the power loss can be further reduced in a cross layout of installation. This module uses all black materials to get a premium appearance. Flexible collocation is suitable for residential rooftop projects.

"Since nowadays PV is on the way of entering common people's life, we have been devoting to develop the products really match the demand of the market and end users. Europe is one of the places who firstly initiate PV industry all over the world. That's why it always has high demand of innovative products and easy to accept new things," said Mr. Shuangquan He, President of Suntech. "In the past 18 years, we have achieved a great progress in product technology and gained brand reputation in European market. It is sitting on the long term Bloomberg Tier1 supplier list, and holding VDE quality inspection certificate, Suntech offers an industry-leading 12-year product warranty and a 25-year linear performance warranty which is reinsured by the world-leading reinsurance company - Munich Re. In 2018, Suntech will continue to focus on European businesses and provides high quality and cost-effective products. With concrete actions as following, Suntech will achieve a great success in the European PV market."