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Sunyard Technology Released The Latest Series of Android Electronic Cash Register

Sunyard Technology Released The Latest Series of Android Electronic Cash Register

HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Sunyard Technology, the leading global payment solution provider, is announcing that its new series of Android Electronic Cash Registers- S1000, S1500, and S2000 are officially launched, each with their unique features and functionality. As the digital aspect of the payments profession has increased more than ever and continues to evolve rapidly, Android POS terminals have always been one of the main pillars of Sunyard activities.

The customized Android ECR solutions provided by Sunyard play a crucial role in revolutionizing the ecosystem for payment acceptance. They are expertly crafted to handle demanding checkout workloads in a fashionable way. With their advanced technology and tailored features, these solutions are empowering businesses to process transactions seamlessly and effortlessly, always ready for large chunks of the commercial retail environment.

More about the core advantages of the new S1000, S1500, S2000:

  • Flexible configuration on screen size, not only maximizing in-store benefits, but also offering personalized business experiences
  • Connects auxiliary equipment to customize own business through plenty of ports
  • Hideaway type wiring kneading board, compact and artistic
  • Works at a blindingly fast speed and have higher computing power, in line with corresponding protection
  • Remote assistance platform, troubleshooting with no limitation by geographical distance

Moreover, Sunyard's ECR solutions go beyond traditional capabilities. With simple and stylist design, clear and smooth figure, the latest solutions fully show the elegance of modern concept. These devices employ robust encryption protocols and adhere to stringent compliance standards, ensuring that sensitive customer information remains protected throughout the transaction process. This instills trust among both merchants and consumers alike, fostering a secure environment for conducting financial transactions.

At Sunyard, we're constantly expanding and evolving our portfolio of products to help you grow your business. Everything we do is backed by the expertise, support, and commitment that you already trust us for.

Our culture of care means we invest time, energy, and resources to develop products you can count on. We care about quality as much as you do. Whether you need advice, more information or to make an order, we're here to help.

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About Sunyard

Sunyard Technology Co., Ltd, the leading global payment solution provider, is offering cost-effective, superior quality payment terminals and financial software products including payment password system, same-city liquidation system, corporate e-bank system, risk alarm system, etc. As the earliest listed financial IT company in China (SSE Code: 600571), Sunyard has achieved the leading position in the field of financial industry with more than two decades of professional experience. Based on the solid foundation in the domestic market, Sunyard is committed to expanding the international market according to its development strategy.

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