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Working to directly hinder Facebook’s Meta, announces its Primary Internet Hub project – providing a ‘Doorway to Everything’ while protecting user’s Internet privacy.

With the aim of inhibiting Facebook Meta’s core mission – to overtake and take control of the Metaverse - the domain owners of, announce their plan to oppose the tech giant’s efforts with a clear vision of an internet with expanding possibility, based on privacy and neutrality, and avoiding Facebook’s ominous Meta.

The domain, is one of the oldest, continuously owned web addresses, created 26 years ago, a year before was created. In referencing the Doorway to Everything hub project, owner Tal Newhart explains, “We want to provide easy navigation and privacy to web users, inhibiting Meta’s takeover of the Metaverse, and we want to do so without the interference and influence of Mark Zuckerberg, who we refer to in the office as the ‘Z-Menace’. At least with Tencent and WeChat you know privacy invasion is to protect an ideology. Zuckerberg invades your privacy simply to make himself more money.”

The vision of focuses on an expansive new web portal, a master doorway, through which global users can easily access virtually any Internet destination they desire without aggressive attacks on an Internet user’s privacy hiding behind their every mouse click.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” Newhart adds. “The privacy-respecting search engine, which I admire almost as greatly as I do Frances Haugen, has been profitable since 2014. The Duck proves you don’t need to know people’s secrets to make an honest and reasonable profit from internet users.”

In expanding upon the original SuperHub model, the site will be split into two easily navigated regions. On one side of, users can access the familiar ‘realverse’, which will include neutral social media and news, podcast sub-hubs, expanding e-commerce platforms, and legal online sports betting platforms such as Barstool Sports and DraftKings. Consider it the useful and fun places Internet users interact with daily. The other side of will responsibly navigate into the expanding virtual worlds of the metaverse, including doorways to Roblox, Fortnite, NTF platforms such as OpenSea and Rarible, crypto trading, as well as virtual platforms that would include Microsoft’s incredible mixed reality efforts, such as virtual classrooms. The privacy-shattering world of Meta will not be accessible, or part of, this experience. Newhart feels Meta is simply too dangerous a place to visit for most users.

As explained by Newhart, “In our opinion, Zuckerberg, along with his secretive scientist army, have created the largest, most sophisticated human surveillance organization in human history. Zuckerberg slipping on a flashy mask and calling it “Meta” changes absolutely nothing. will.”

This is the ethos a buyer/investor or co-venture partner will embrace, believe in, and champion.

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About Tal Newhart and

Tal Newhart is the start-up engineer and founding CEO of which was sold to a global retained executive recruiting firm. He later wrote the book The Art of Corporate Warfare. He and his partners have owned, largely unused, since 1996, a year before was registered.

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