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SuperTurbo Technologies Inc. and Linamar Corporation Announce an Exclusive Manufacturing and Supply Agreement for the Testing and Manufacturing of New Technology called the SuperTurbo™

SuperTurbo Technologies Inc. and Linamar Corporation Announce an Exclusive Manufacturing and Supply Agreement for the Testing and Manufacturing of New Technology called the SuperTurbo™

The SuperTurbo™ improves internal combustion engines, lowers costs, and reduces harmful emissions

LOVELAND, Colo., Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SuperTurbo Technologies Inc. ("SuperTurbo") and Linamar Corporation ("Linamar") announced today that they entered into an exclusive agreement to bring the SuperTurbo™, a transformational technology, to market. The SuperTurbo™ improves the efficiency of diesel, hydrogen, and natural gas internal combustion engines, while significantly reducing harmful emissions.  McLaren Engineering, a division of Linamar, will produce prototype units for durability testing.  Upon successful completion of testing, under the terms of the exclusive agreement, Linamar will manufacture and test SuperTurbos™ for the global market.

The SuperTurbo™ is a mechanically driven turbocharger that provides "on-demand" boost to internal combustion engines, which provides the ability to precisely control and balance boost pressure and air-fuel ratio. It supports 7.5L to 16L internal combustion engines for both on-highway and construction applications, where increasingly strict emission and CO2 regulations require advanced air management systems.  Leading global engine OEMs continue to demonstrate strong interest in the SuperTurbo™ as a key component of their next-generation engine architectures to enable compliance with China 7, Euro 7 and California Air Resource Board/EPA 2024/2027 emissions requirements.

"SuperTurbo's partnership with Linamar brings our company one step closer to commercializing a technology that can significantly reduce emissions, increase engine performance, and lower fuel costs relative to competing engine boosting technologies," said Mark Herbst, CEO at SuperTurbo.  "Linamar is a world-class manufacturing enterprise and an ideal partner for our company as it progresses into the critically important stage of delivering a commercial-ready product to market.  We look forward to leveraging Linamar's vast global resources to manufacture and launch new products globally."

"We are excited to partner with SuperTurbo to produce prototypes for durability testing of their revolutionary product that significantly reduces emissions of hydrogen, diesel and natural gas internal combustion engines while achieving higher levels of productivity and lowering total cost of ownership for the on-highway and off-highway commercial vehicle market.   We consider SuperTurbo a leader in bringing this technology to market which will have a positive impact on our environment," stated Linamar CEO Linda Hasenfratz.

In addition to the Linamar partnership, SuperTurbo recently announced that they successfully completed their collaboration with AVL List GmbH ("AVL") to investigate the carbon and emissions reduction possibilities of the hydrogen internal combustion engine (H2ICE).  Focusing specifically on commercial vehicle applications, the SuperTurbo™ demonstrated the ability to optimize the lambda to lower engine out NOx to less than 1-2 g/kWh over the majority of the engine operating range, increasing efficiency by up to 4% while maintaining rapid, diesel-like transients.

About SuperTurbo Technologies, Inc.
SuperTurbo Technologies Inc. specializes in the design, development, and commercialization of SuperTurbos™ for commercial vehicles for on highway and construction markets. The SuperTurbo™ is a mechanically driven turbocharger that allows engine OEMs to control the airflow and EGR for the engine, enabling optimization of both performance and emissions at all operating points. Other benefits include transient cycle efficiency, fuel cost savings, exhaust energy recovery through compounding, particulate reduction, Cold Start/Low NOx improvement, engine down-sizing, down-speeding and improved engine braking. For more information, visit

About Linamar
Linamar Corporation (TSX: LNR) is an advanced manufacturing company where the intersection of leading-edge technology and deep manufacturing expertise is creating solutions that power vehicles, motion, work, and lives for the future. The Company is made up of two operating segments – the Industrial segment and the Mobility segment, both global leaders in manufacturing solutions and world-class developers of highly engineered products. The Industrial segment is comprised of Skyjack and MacDon. Skyjack manufactures scissor, boom, and telehandler lifts for the aerial work platform industry. MacDon manufactures combine draper headers and self-propelled windrowers for the agricultural harvesting industry. The Mobility segment is subdivided into three regional groups: North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Within the Mobility segment, the regional groups are vertically integrated operations combining expertise in light metal casting, forging, machining and assembly for both the global electrified and traditionally powered vehicle markets. The Mobility segment products are focused on both components and systems for new energy powertrains, body and chassis, driveline, engine, and transmission systems of these vehicles. McLaren Engineering provides design, development, and testing services for the Mobility segment. Linamar has 26,000 employees in 60 manufacturing locations, 12 R&D centres and 25 sales offices in 17 countries in North and South America, Europe and Asia which generated sales of $7.4 billion in 2019. For more information about Linamar Corporation and its industry leading products and services, visit or follow us on Twitter at @LinamarCorp.

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