SUPOR Shallow Pot IH Rice Cooker draws raves from Japanese consumers at exhibition in Tokyo

TOKYO, Oct. 15, 2018 /PR Newswire/ -- In October 2018, an exhibition highlighting Chinese craftmanship held at Tsutaya Book Store in Tokyo attracted visitors from all walks of life across Japan who were unanimous in agreeing that the rice cooked in the Chinese-made rice cookers on display tasted just as good as rice prepared in their Japanese counterparts.

What kind of rice cookers can receive such recognition from Japanese consumers known for their fastidiousness, and what kind of unique features can enable the rice cookers to win the hearts of all the visitors at the event?

Behind this mysterious veil is leading Chinese rice cooker maker Supor.

The rice cooker showcased at the exhibition is called the SUPOR Shallow Pot IH Rice Cooker. The spherical cauldron used in the rice cooker is based on China's traditional large iron pot, while the innovative, first-of-its-kind wide-mouth and shallow-bottom profile increases the heating area of the inner liner by 30% compared with ordinary rice cookers, allowing the rice to be brought to a higher temperature and, at the same time, be more evenly heated, while absorbing more moisture, tasting more authentic, and fully releasing the original flavor.

Supor's brand new IH steam spherical rice cookers displayed at a special event in Tokyo designed to showcase Chinese craftsmanship
Supor's brand new Shallow Pot IH Rice Cookers displayed at a special event in Tokyo designed to showcase Chinese craftsmanship

For more than 20 years, Supor has been committed to perfecting the inner liners of rice cookers, and to exploring and preserving the authentic flavor of Chinese rice cooked the traditional way. The research and development team put the grains of rice under a microscope to fully understand the microcosm, and researched the gastronomic and dietary traditions behind the grain, then combined the results with previous experience and modern craftsmanship to design the new rice cooker. The team behind its creation are not just researchers of tasty rice, but explorers and pioneers.

The exhibition has proven itself an excellent venue for demonstrating the ability of Chinese-produced rice cookers to stand side by side with world's best among its peers. Supor serves as a showcase for the reputation of Chinese craftsmen while providing new impetus for an interest among shoppers and consumers worldwide in products made in China.

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