In support of businesses for getting ahead with the Citizen Programmer initiative, Infocan launches Comprehensive Digital Transformation Consultation Programme

Accelerating business digitalization to thrive under the New Normal

HONG KONG, Nov. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Infocan, a leading IT consulting and training company established in Hong Kong for over 30 years, is launching a customized Comprehensive Digital Transformation Consultation Programme ("the Programme") to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation. Through in-depth analysis of the technology challenges that organizations face, Infocan will be able to introduce pertinent new technologies and support their integration into different areas of the business to realize the immense business opportunities made possible with digital transformation.

Through the Programme, Infocan not only recommends cloud-based applications in the market for use by businesses, such as applications that support remote work during the Covid-19 pandemic, it also customizes solutions for training of employees to become citizen programmers who are business users with little or no coding experience, to develop the company's own new business applications for increased efficiency and enhanced customer experiences.

Harry Ng, Director of Skills Transfer Consulting at Infocan, says, "We want to support businesses most adversely affected by the pandemic to speed up integrating technology into different areas of their business, for greater productivity at lower costs. There are many 'cloud-based applications' we can recommend based on company needs, including business apps such as Klaxoon, Miro, Airtable allowing employees to control inventory or monitor project progress from remote sites, or to automate visitors check-in and track visitor's whereabouts as a measure for pandemic control.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for greater digital transformation. Applications in the market may not be able to keep up with the changing business landscape. We are seeing more companies wanting to recruit tech talents to develop their own business applications to cope with an upsurge in online and e-commerce activities."

Ng continues, "Citizen programmer is a global trend to narrow the tech workforce demand gap. According to a recent Gartner report, 61% of organizations either have or plan to have active citizen development initiatives.

An important part of Infocan's Digital Transformation Consultation Programme is to assist companies to train employees who are end-users without professional IT knowledge to become citizen developers in a reasonably short period of time. The re-skilled workforce will alleviate the skill shortage needed to develop new apps while immediately improving operational efficiency."

Apart from providing consultancy services and training solutions to corporations, Infocan offers on-the-job training internships to tertiary students interested in joining the IT industry. Students will learn a spectrum of practical IT skill sets including coding and programming skills, and other technologies and applications that are most in demand.

This summer, Infocan was one of the employers participating in the STEM Internship Scheme organized by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC). For tertiary students in non-IT related disciplines, Infocan's internship programme also provides training in low-code programming skills transferrable to all industries.

Moreover, Infocan provides a secondment service that selects potential interns for placement within IT-related departments of its major corporate clients. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement that gives the placed intern an opportunity to acquire valuable work experience and for the corporation to strengthen its digital operation. Infocan assigns an IT mentor for each placed intern to help them settle into the new working environment and culture, and to assist in resolving any complex issues that may arise in their applications development work. The arrangement also helps the placement company reduce the time needed to train a new employee.

Amy, a Baptist University fresh graduate with majors in Mathematics and Statistics, was one of the interns who joined Infocan this summer under the STEM Internship Scheme. Bright and motivated, Amy was selected by Infocan for an internship placement in a high-end fashion retailer. Using Microsoft Power Platform and the programming knowledge she learnt at Infocan, Amy was able to help the fashion retailer automate its workflow and upgrade the new website.

Amy reveals that, "Prior to the training at Infocan, I only had basic programming knowledge. I encountered various difficulties in the beginning when applying the newly acquired skills to help develop business applications for the fashion retailer. However, with the support of IT professionals from Infocan and the fashion retailer, I have gained confidence and invaluable working experiences that has taken my programming skills to the next level, building a sound base for my tech career."

For the second season in a row, Infocan will be offering 10 new internship positions for students who have enrolled in the forthcoming STEM Internship Scheme that starts this month. Successful candidates will complete six weeks of training in low-code programming and, if shortlisted, be able to take advantage of further work placements.

The full range of low-code programming training that Infocan offers includes Microsoft Power Platform, Nixtex Workflow, RPA, UiPath Studio and more. These tools will enable non-IT professionals and students to build business applications that automate workflow process and reduce operation costs. Infocan also provides training on the use of cloud-based applications such as Klaxoon, Miro, Airtable for enhancing interaction and engagement of online meeting participants and improving communications in a team.

For more details about Infocan IT training programmes and its Comprehensive Digital Transformation Consultation Programme, please visit official website

Infocan Computer (Hong Kong) Limited

Established since 1989, Infocan Computer (Hong Kong) Limited is a leading IT consulting and training company offering IT consultative services and training solutions to numerous clients in Hong Kong. Apart from recommending relevant IT solutions to organizations and providing employees with pertinent training for users, Infocan develops customized solutions to train non-IT employees to acquire the necessary skills to develop the company's own business application. Infocan also provides top-level consultation to IT professionals of major corporations and supports high-end IT projects.

Infocan trains an average of over 12,000 students and conducts around 300 IT training courses every year, covering a full spectrum of practical and professional IT skill sets. In keeping up with the rapid advancement in technology, new programmes on training for new technologies and applications are introduced annually. In recent years, Infocan has participated in the STEM Internship Scheme and collaborated with different tertiary institutions, offering practical training opportunities to tertiary students interested in joining the IT industry. More importantly, Infocan also seconds selected students to corporate clients as interns. With the support of Infocan professionals, students can quickly adapt to the working environment to gain valuable working experiences. Meanwhile, corporate clients can save time training its employees as well as boost competitiveness through accelerated digitalization.

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