Support for Growth, Gift for Children's Day, the Special Program of HiWorld "We are Speakers - I Want to Talk to the World" Goes Live

Support for Growth, Gift for Children's Day, the Special Program of HiWorld "We are Speakers - I Want to Talk to the World" Goes Live

BEIJING, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- To celebrate the upcoming International Children's Day, HiWorld, the international education brand of TAL Education Group and Beijing Time of Beijing Media Network jointly recorded the We are Speakers - I Want to Talk to the World, a special program for Children's Day.

The program featured the conversations between 11 eloquent and logical young speakers in English, along with the audience of invited educational, psychological experts as well as nearly 100 parents and their children listening to the inner world of the young speakers, interacting with and experiencing the fruitful moments.

Being a K-12 international education brand, HiWorld aims to design the international education path for students aged 5-18 to enable them say hello to the world bravely and let the world hear their voice; and help students expand their international vision, develop international thinking, cultivate and enable them to embrace the world freely through various activities.

With this program, HiWorld hopes to encourage students to think freely and speak bravely, combine their learning with their life practice, jump out of the box, develop the capabilities that can benefit them throughout their lifetime and take a solid step towards the world through their speeches.  

The road to growth and progress of We are Speakers
The road to growth and progress of We are Speakers

Standing out from the 300 speakers, the 11 young speakers had expanded their visions and improved their capabilities following each step along the way.

In the process, the comfort and guidance of HiWorld teachers were evidenced in respond to the stresses, anxieties, mistakes and shortcomings of the children. They meticulously inspired the confidence of the speakers and helped them speak bravely and go global.

The performance was rich in content, with three topics of Focusing on Me, Seeing around Corners and Meeting the World. From self-focus to surrounding things then to the world, the speakers, parents and experts were discussing the route for growth and progress and the improvement of competence and skills through practice.

In the topic of "Focusing on Me", four young speakers demonstrated their critical thinking skills by discussing hot topics including embracing stress, achieving focus and refusing delay.

In the forum of "Focusing on Me", Hao Yuefei, manager of HiWorld, and Wu Yacong, the Youth Psychological Research Specialist, had an interaction with a young speaker and his parents, communicating and discussing the right direction for children's growth.

In the topic of "Seeing around Corners", the young speakers chose to start with small changes, encouraging good deeds, advocating changes, exploring self-growth and discovering unknown joys in their speeches.

In the session of "Curve Wrecker Dialogue", Qin Jiuge, a graduate of Harvard University, and Wang Xingyu, a graduate of Fudan University and New York University, shared their stories about how the details affected them, inspiring children to cultivate their own characters to lead to their growth.

The performance also had a special gift across the ocean. Daniel L. Schwartz, an international consultant and Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Education, spoke through remote connection with parents and children about how to cultivate creativity, and emphasized the importance of lifelong learning, encouraging children to explore the unknown and make continuous progress.

Do children see the world differently than we do? In the topic of "Meeting the World", three young speakers told the new stories about the big world in small things, immigrants changing the world and seeing the world through the media.

From Focusing on Me, to Seeing around Corners, and to Meeting the World, the parents and audience followed the speakers on a wonderful heart journey of the heart inside-out.

After the speeches, Ms. Hao Yuefei presented the "We are Speakers" award to the 11 young speakers, then revealed the People's Choice award, encouraging them to continue to embrace the world freely.

In this special program, the young speakers from HiWorld expressed their opinions bravely, the parents listened carefully with empathy, experts discussed deeply with inspiration and guidance, completing a wonderful intergenerational collision of ideas, and providing a platform for children to discover the world, enlightening their thoughts and breaking through their capabilities.

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