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Surrey BC Industrial Parts Washer Water-Based High-Pressure Unit Launched

Vital Manufacturing Inc, a Surrey, BC, based industrial manufacturer, has launched a new water-based industrial parts washer suitable for a variety of applications.

Canadian based industrial manufacturers, Vital Manufacturing, have launched a new industrial parts cleaner suitable for most industrial part types and sizes.

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The VPW-3040 is the latest in Vital’s industrial cleaning range and incorporates a range of environmentally friendly and easy-to-use features.

Parts cleaners are integral to many manufacturing processes. They are also commonly used in the automotive industry either during manufacture or to assist with repair and refurbishment of vehicle components such as engine blocks.

The VPW-3040 uses 95% water-based fluids in its cleaning action. Traditionally, parts cleaners used chemical solvents to remove grease and dirt. However, environmental and health concerns have led to an increasing shift away from such solvents.

The water-based operation of the VPW-3040 removes the need to dispose of harmful chemicals. In addition, operators of the unit do not need to wear personal protective equipment or receive special training prior to use.

The VPW-3040 contains a 30” turntable with a 40” working height which can accommodate a variety of engine blocks and larger industrial components.

Once loaded, the unit provides wash-fluid temperatures of up to 190°F and spray jet pressures of up to 45 PSI. Grease and dirt are melted away by the cleaning action. At its most powerful settings, Vital Manufacturing state that the unit is capable of removing paint.

Operation of the VPW-3040 is via a soft-key interface with LCD screen, making training on the use of the system a time-efficient process. With its ease-of-use, operators can utilize junior staff members in the cleaning process leaving senior staff to focus on more highly-skilled tasks.

The VPW-3040 also contains a self-cleaning mode that removes grease and oil from the wash tank ready for disposal. The feature removes the need for manual cleaning and provides for greater availability of the unit.

Vital Manufacturing is located in Surrey, BC, Canada. The company designs and manufactures a range of industrial equipment and most components used in their equipment are locally sourced.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “Vital Manufacturing produces world-class custom automation equipment with turn-key installations. Contact us to review your project today.”

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