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Sustainability platform abillion aiming to donate over USD$1 million to charities in 2021

Sustainability platform abillion aiming to donate over USD$1 million to charities in 2021

Every review of a vegan dish or vegan and cruelty-free product a member posts gives the member $1 to donate. Members can donate as little as $1 or accumulate credit to make larger donations.

SINGAPORE, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Sustainability platform, abillion, is proud to roll out $1 donations through its abillion app. With over 300,000 members and over 620,000 reviews, abillion is a rapidly growing review platform for user-generated reviews of vegan dishes and sustainable, cruelty-free products. abillion is free to join, and with each review, members generate a $1 donation, with no limit on how many reviews they can post.

Previously, members had to accrue $10 before they could donate. Starting April 2021, members can now donate as little as $1, meaning they can make a donation as soon as they post their first review.

"We believe in creating impact, so we've committed what other tech platforms would spend on marketing towards helping people or animals in need. We currently work with 65 world-changing causes from around the planet. We want to demonstrate that something as small as eating a vegan meal or buying an environmentally friendly product and sharing that experience with the world can create ripples throughout society and beyond," says Vikas Garg, founder and CEO of abillion.

abillion partners 65 impactful causes, mostly animal welfare, child hunger, education and conservation organizations. Based on data compiled by abillion's charity partners, even $1 can make a meaningful impact. Here are just a few examples of what difference $1 could make.

ShareTheMeal can feed a child for a full day for just $1.
Room to Read can send 1 girl to school for a day.
For $1, One Tree Planted can plant one tree.

Through abillion's unique giving program, effecting change is as easy as posting one review. This activity harnesses the power of social media for social good. For a full list of partners, please visit:

Thanks to the growing community of conscious consumers, abillion has already donated over $500,000 to impactful causes. By the end of 2021, abillion aims to donate over $1 million to its partner charities.

Images of CEO Vikas Garg and the app ecosystem can be found here: Press Images

About abillion

At abillion, we're working to drive a global movement for plant-based food and earth-friendly products. The abillion app helps people discover vegan options everywhere and uses consumer data to create a better world for everyone. The platform assists people that want to make sustainable choices. Whenever a member posts a review, we give them $1 to donate to a charity they support, which they can choose through the app. Reviews are also shared with business owners, influencing nearly 100,000 brands worldwide to offer more sustainable options. abillion also provides market insights and emerging trends through its proprietary dataset.

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