SwapXI Brings Innovation To The Gaming Market, Assures Instant Payouts

SwapXI Brings Innovation To The Gaming Market, Assures Instant Payouts

Gaming and eSports are one of the key drivers of today's digital economy. The global gaming industry, as of 2020, was worth $152.1 billion. Crypto enthusiasts, gamers, streamers, and advertisers are moving in droves to the gaming ecosystem due to the massive opportunities inherent in the industry.

In a bid to support the gaming community and build a payment gateway where gamers and other stakeholders can easily deposit and withdraw their earnings, the team at SwapXI is pleased to introduce its gaming and payment gateway to the crypto community. SwapXI is a first of its kind gaming platform and DFO project, with a high level of transparency. SwapXI brings a comprehensive ecosystem where gamers, investors, viewers, and streamers will get value for their time and money.

The team at SwapXI is pleased to announce to the crypto and gaming community that its recently concluded public sales recorded more than $15 million USD in market capitalization. SwapXI is made by gamers for gaming enthusiasts and provides users with a remuneration option. What's more? SwapXI connects the regular economy with the world of blockchain to offer users a means to increase their investment portfolios.

Why Choose SwapXI?

SwapXI is a leading gaming platform that offers top-notch gaming services to a wide range of gamers and other stakeholders across the world. SwapXI has a marketplace where in-game assets developers can showcase their works to attract investors. So, if you're a developer, this is a great opportunity for you to start making profit from your in-game assets. Other reasons why you should choose SwapXI are:

Rewards For Viewers And Streamers

Active streamers and viewers will be rewarded for being part of the process. Whether you're an experienced streamer or not, the team at SwapXI doesn't discriminate when rewarding users.

Ranking Portal For Gamers

There's a ranking portal where top gamers are honored. A peep into the portal will show you leaders in the industry. Plus, you will learn the latest trends and happenings in the e-sport industry.

NFT marketplace

SwapXI has a unique NFT marketplace where digital content creators can trade their digital artworks or collectibles to make profits.

About SwapXI

SwapXI brings the world's first decentralized finance offering (DFO) to the gaming and payment space. The mission of SwapXI is to take gaming to the next level where gamers will get value for their money. The project is powered by blockchain technology to enable the team manage gaming, streaming, and NFT marketplace in one umbrella.

Gamers on other platforms can equally use SwapXI as their preferred payment method. SwapXI guarantees ease of deposit and withdrawals. Additionally, advertisers and content creators can create and sell their digital artworks on the SwapXI NFT marketplace. What's more? The fees charged by SwapXI is comparatively decent compared to the fees charged by other gaming platforms. Members of the SwapXI team are individuals with impeccable characters. They have the experience and expertise to revolutionize the gaming ecosystem.

More information at: https://swapxi.net

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