SweetRing Survey Reveals What Indonesians Hate in a Relationship

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Dating apps that have helped many men and women around the world are now entering the Indonesian market. In light of that, SweetRing, a dating app for serious relationships, has recently conducted a survey to reveal fast facts on "What Indonesians hate in a relationship".

Comparing the perspectives of female and male users, SweetRing finds many similarities that are shared among Indonesian men and women. The study shows that 47% of men and women in Indonesia do not like their partner being busy with their mobile phone when they are dating. Men (43%) and women (51%) in Indonesia also hate it when their partner compares them with with an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfreind. Another interesting fact is that Indonesian men and women do not mind when their partners do not publish their relationship on Facebook. They feel that relationships do not need to be public, and only close friends and family need to know.

SweetRing's survey also shows that there were some differences but mostly what they hate about their partner, their partner also hate it if they do it.

For woman, the most hated boyfriend habit is "likes to gamble" (50%), followed by "drinking alcohol" (29%). While for men, the thing they hate most about their girlfriends is "drinks alcohol" (36%), followed by "long dressing up time" (30%). The results of this survey show that Indonesian couples obviously do not like seeing each other drink alcohol, but women tends to tolerate more.

SweetRing understands different people may have different expectations within a relationship. It has therefore tailored questions to help users find their ideal match by comparing people's answers, thus higher chances of success.