SweetRing Survey: What Malaysians in relationships find most intolerable about their significant other

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Nov. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Which habits are most unacceptable in a relationship? According to the Partner's Habits and Preferences survey conducted by international dating app SweetRing, the most unacceptable habit for men is being compared to a predecessor, while women most take issue with their man's slovenly habits such as not bathing. In addition, the relationship status on Facebook is another area of frequent tension, with about 50% of the respondents holding different opinions on what the listed status should be. Of those surveyed, 60% of the women would like to the status changed to "in a relationship" after three months of having been together, while, most men do not see it as necessary to confirm the relationship through social networks, with only 40% of them willing to update the status.

Malaysian men are most annoyed when partners compare them with a predecessor

Which habits are most unacceptable for Malaysian men? The habit the SweetRing survey found most annoying among men, with 60% saying so, is when, in the middle of a spat, the woman suddenly says "you prefer your previous girlfriend, don't you", men just feel a communication breakdown has taken place. Coming in second as an annoying habit is to find out that their significant other has discussed with her friends what he views as private matters. Men also raised an issue with their soul mate not washing her hair, with about 50% of the men saying they do not like it when the woman's hair feels oily.

Malaysian women get most upset when their partner won't bathe

Which male habits will most displease his significant other? Not taking a bath was the resounding answer, the survey revealed. Some 70% of the women simply cannot fathom their man's "if I am not sweating, then there is no reason to bathe" approach to personal grooming. The second most despicable form of male behavior is "lying". More than half of the women were of the opinion that honesty is key, as a lack of it is a sure indication of bad faith. Women also don't like being compared with predecessors: this response came in third, with 40% surveyed saying it will make them angry when their partners make mention of an earlier flame.