SWISS REJU introduces K-Lipolysis, a new generation of non-invasive body contouring treatment

HONG KONG, Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- High-end health and beauty brand SWISS REJU introduces "K Lipolysis", a new non-invasive body contouring technology for busy Hong Kongers to get in shape.

SWISS REJU K Lipolysis
SWISS REJU K Lipolysis

The coronavirus pandemic has limited the options for Hong Kongers to get fit, as many gyms and group dancing classes are closed citing health risk concerns. Covid-19 cases have made work-from-home arrangements more common and therefore more people are now relying on takeaway meals and have to work longer work hours sitting at home, and many see weight gain as a result.

"SWISS REJU K Lipolysis, a new non-invasive body contouring program, combining both body slimming machines and health supplements, is a great way for busy Hong Kongers to obtain better body shape amidst current situation," says SWISS REJU, the high end health and beauty consultancy which holds the intellectual property right to this revolutionary body contouring program.

SWISS REJU K-Lipolysis is totally non-invasive. It uses latest laser technology and deep heat frequencies to reduce unwanted body fat. It does not require any intrusive measures that are common in traditional liposuction operations, yet it produces profound body contouring results quickly.

SWISS REJU K-Lipolysis uses proven international body contouring technology. The machines in the program are respectively cleared for use by FDA in the US, CE in Europe, and KFDA in Korea. Not only it is safe to use, the program cost is significantly lower than traditional body sculpting procedures and invasive liposuction operations, making it accessible to many Hong Kongers in need to improve their body shape.

There are thousands of body contouring programs out there yet only very few have the strong scientific evidences to make them sound. SWISS REJU uses only proven technology from leading vendors globally, and the company is the only authorized "K-Lipolysis" provider in Hong Kong.

Coming with the authentic SWISS REJU K-Lipolysis program, is the proprietary health supplement "XS PERFECT SIZE", which can help participants to prolong their health benefits. The latest installment of the "SWISS REJU XS PERFECT SIZE" series, not only helps with body contouring but also helps to delay aging. SWISS REJU K Lipolysis has been shared by celebrities, beauty opinion leaders and featured on prestigious beauty editors from international magazines.

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