Syhdee warns consumers of potential danger associated with Type A+B LED tube lamps

The risks were identified during UL quality tests

SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- UL recently identified risks associated with Type A+B LED tube lamps produced by Shenzhen Syhdee Co., Ltd. (Syhdee) and are currently available in the US. When installing the tube lamp as a Type A application, the lamp can be connected to the circuit via the non-"L, N" pin without the need to turn off the power. As a result, there is the risk of a shock hazard as a short circuit may occur if the installer touches the other exposed pin.

UL mark and photos of the products
UL mark and photos of the products

Syhdee has now issued a notice warning consumers of the potential danger when installing and using the lamps.

  1. Please turn off the power before installing the lamp
  2. The "L, N "-labeled circuit connector is to be used for the Type B application
  3. Please don't touch the pin and ensure that the pin is not exposed after following the instructions to install the lamp as a Type A application

Trademark: Hyperikon or FUDAKIN; Models: HyperBC-4C-40G, HyperBC-4C-50G, FDK-LT8G-4-184FAB

Number of units manufactured: 55,100

Date of Manufacture:

1) HyperBC-4C-40G -- August 2017
2) HyperBC-4C-50G -- August 2017
3) FDK-LT8G-4-18XFAB -- November 2016

About Syhdee:

Shenzhen Syhdee Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers specialized in LED lights production, R&D, and sales. Its headquarters is situated in Nanshan Software industry base, and the manufacturing center SYHDEE Industrial Park, is set up in the Central Industrial Area, Shuikou town, in Huizhou city.

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