The symposium on Global Maritime Cooperation and Ocean Governance 2021: Law, Blue Economy and Maritime Safety Cooperation

SANYA, China, Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The symposium on Global Maritime Cooperation and Ocean Governance 2021, held by National Institute for South China Studies, China, also focuses on themes containing "Frontier Research on International Law of the Sea", "Ocean Governance Practices in the Arctic", "International Cooperation on Maritime Security and Safety under the Influence of Covid-19", and "Blue Economy and Sustainable Ocean Development". Speakers shared their views on a variety of frontier research on International Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), including the role of UNCLOS in BBNJ negotiations and the relevance of UNCLOS on Anthropocene. The discussion was later extended over territorial entry in search and rescue operations, regional efforts on battling plastics pollution and international legal status of Coast Guards under the guidance of UNCLOS and other international law instruments, better facilitating the implementation and coordination around the existing UNCLOS regime.

Arctic states collaborative efforts and mechanisms, at different levels as well as the involvement and presence of Arctic stakeholder, commonly known as China, Japan, and Republic of Korea in Arctic affairs were also discussed. To conclude, major players in the Arctic will continue collaborating together to enhance the economic potential of the region and resolve conflicts before they emerge, as opportunities in the Arctic continue to strengthen.

International cooperation on maritime security and safety under the influence of Covid-19 has already attracted wide attention and this topic was also discussed extensively. Critical challenges faced by the world's 1.9 million seafarers including crew change crisis, no access to medical care and vaccination, required further global cooperation among international organizations and different countries. Besides, in the South China Sea, although the pandemic has significantly affected interactions among countries, the cooperation on maritime security and maritime safety particularly within the region remains robust.

Developing blue economy is another topic rising an extensive attention. In this session, inspiring suggestions based on solid field researches and advanced experience from Great Bay Area (GBA), islands state and regional countries were introduced. Hainan, as the only Free Trade Port of China and located just beside the South China Sea, has made up its mind to contribute to the regional prosperity and to better connect the world by propelling a sustainable ocean development.