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Taconic Biosciences Expands Production of Critical Immunodeficient Model

Taconic Biosciences Expands Production of Critical Immunodeficient Model Local Production of the CIEA NOG mouse® Model Now Available on the West Coast GlobeNewswire June 10, 2020

RENSSELAER, N.Y., June 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Taconic Biosciences, a global leader in providing drug discovery animal model solutions, announces local West Coast United States production of the immunodeficient CIEA NOG mouse® model.

Immunodeficient animal models are critical to the drug discovery ecosystem.  One of the most common contributors to the high product attrition rate for this industry is difficulty recapitulating the human biosystem in an animal model.  Immunodeficient models bridge this gap by enabling foreign tissue to interact with the animal, without rejection by that animals’ immune system.  Better replication of the human body in mice is a driving force in many revolutionary medical advances, including immuno-oncology and personalized medicine.

The CIEA NOG mouse® lacks the T, B, and natural killer (NK) cells that drive immune response. It is one of the most widely used severely immunocompromised mouse models.  The NOG mouse provides the foundation for Taconic’s extensive specialized models portfolio, which includes a variety of models with specific genetic and tissue modifications for greater precision.

West Coast production addresses the thriving California biomedical community with additional flexibility in planning experiments through multiple weekly deliveries, flexible ordering timelines, and reduced transit times for the animals.  NOG mice from this site are also available at Taconic’s EF health standard, a more restrictive health standard, valuable for immunodeficient models.   

“Expanding the production of such a critical resource underscores Taconic’s commitment to providing researchers with easy access to the best animal model solutions,” commented Dr. Michael Seiler, vice president of commercial products at Taconic.  “The CIEA NOG mouse® is one of the most important animal models in the world because it is the foundation of a portfolio aimed at better replicating the human biosystem in an animal model.”  

To learn more about the CIEA NOG mouse® or the NOG portfolio, please contact Taconic at 1-888-TACONIC (888-822-6642) in the US, +45 70 23 04 05 in Europe, or email

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Taconic Biosciences is a fully-licensed, global leader in genetically engineered rodent models and services. Founded in 1952, Taconic provides the best animal solutions so that customers can acquire, custom-generate, breed, precondition, test, and distribute valuable research models worldwide. Specialists in genetically engineered mouse and rat models, microbiome, immuno-oncology mouse models, and integrated model design and breeding services, Taconic operates three service laboratories and six breeding facilities in the U.S. and Europe, maintains distributor relationships in Asia and has global shipping capabilities to provide animal models almost anywhere in the world.

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