Tahoe Investment Announces Official Launch of Tahoe Life (Macau)

Go global with 30 years' experience in Hong Kong and Macau  Devoted to developing in high-end life insurance market

MACAU, CHINA - Media OutReach  - 11 October 2018 - Tahoe Investment Group Co., Ltd. ("Tahoe Investment" or "the Group") announced the official launch of Tahoe Life Insurance Company (Macau) Limited ("Tahoe Life (Macau)") following the launch of its insurance business in Hong Kong, which held a grand launch cocktail opening ceremony today at the Ritz-Carlton, Macau. Mr. Huang Qisen , Chairman of the Group; Ms. Gao Anfeng , Vice President of the Group and CEO of Tahoe Life (Macau), together with Tahoe Life senior management teams of Macau and Hong Kong assembled to witness and celebrate the grand launch of Tahoe Life (Macau) and the dawning of a new era.

"In Hong Kong and Macau, Tahoe Life acts as an insurance-finance platform committed to supporting the Group which actively develops its business locally and across the globe," said Mr. Huang Qisen , Chairman of the Group, in his speech. "Macau, one of the major cities in the Greater Bay Area situated at a prime location at the Pearl River Delta, will become a diversified metropolitan in the coming future. Synchronising with the development of the Greater Bay Area, Macau will be able to help accelerate the Group's global development by taking advantage of its unique geographical location. Tahoe Life (Macau) is committed to developing in the high-end life insurance market, enabling customers to experience the corporate mission of serving and caring for customers for life and achieving synergy by complementing the Group's offerings of comprehensive business development, through which customers will share the success of the Group brought by its sustainable social economic development."

New identity of Tahoe Life unveils diverse brand personality Tahoe Life (Macau), formerly Macau Life Insurance Company Limited, delivers a remarkable and stable performance as well as a brand identity of boundless potential that perfectly complements the Group's dedication to social responsibility and its aim of creating the century legend. Now, Tahoe Life (Macau) officially becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tahoe Investment sharing the same corporate vision. The new logo illustrates the elements that make up the essence of Tahoe Life (Macau), at the same time amplifies the brand's motto: 'Craft Your Future', with vibrant Chinese red as the theme colour signifying the passion and energy of the brand, and a jade seal representing its strong financial strength and capability. The Chinese character ' 禾 ', used in the seal communicates the brand's belief in 'bringing widespread benefits to all people'. 

Ms. Gao Anfeng , Vice President of the Group and CEO of Tahoe Life (Macau), said, "Tahoe Life (Macau) proactively promotes the development of insurance industry in Macau by extending our arms in the finance, healthcare, medical, education and hospitality in the Greater Bay Area. By delivering personalised services with innovative products, we strive to create greater values for our customers, corporates and the society."

All-round high-end life insurance products craft a brilliant future

Tahoe Life (Macau) endeavours to offer a wide range of life insurance services and products for its customers, including savings, critical illness, life insurance, medical protection and investment-linked products. The new plan, 1320 MultiCare Critical Illness Plan , is launched while a highly competitive savings insurance plan will be launched soon to provide comprehensive protection for customers throughout their life journey, realising their life planning fruitfully. To cater for its expanding business and to enhance customer experience, Tahoe Life (Macau) also announces the launch of its new office, located in a core business district, characterised by its Chinese but  not ancient style and renovated with a light Portuguese touch, which is well equipped with modern facilities, enabling customers to enjoy one-stop prestigious insurance services. 

Star-studded brand event upholding Group's original aspiration to contribute to the society

To celebrate the official establishment of Tahoe Life (Macau), a star-studded grand launch cocktail opening ceremony was held today. Guests including representatives of Economic Department, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government; Insurance Supervision Department, the Monetary Authority of Macao; Chinese Enterprises Association; and executives of Banco Comercial de Macau, S.A. as well as business professionals were invited to witness this historic moment. The event began with the performance of sand painting to showcase the brand story and spirit of the Group, followed by the speech of Mr. Zhang Jiajun, Vice President of Tahoe Life (Macau) to introduce the features of the new product, 1320 MultiCare Critical Illness Plan. After that, guests from the charitable sector Mr. Zhao Hongtao and Mr. Wang Haibo, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of the China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation and Dr. Peng Xiangqiang, President of Macau Health Bureau Organ Transplantation Group, shared reflections and expressed gratitude for a donation of RMB 100 million from the Group in 2017 which broke the record of the greatest single donation in the category of organ transplant in China. Ms. Gao Anfeng, Vice President of the Group and CEO of Tahoe Life (Macau), represented the company to present the insurance plans with coverage valued up to MOP 500 million for those Macau residents voluntarily registered as organ donators. The whole event concluded with a huge success under the Tahoe corporate song ' 夢想的力量 ' .

About Tahoe Life Insurance Company (Macau) Limited

Tahoe Life Insurance Company (Macau) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tahoe Investment Group Co., Ltd. providing high end yet all-round insurance plans including savings, critical illness, life insurance, medical protection and investment-linked products in Macau. With the development strategy of 'backed by China, based in Hong Kong and Macau, facing the world', Tahoe Life (Macau) strives to support the Group becoming a global financial enterprise. With the solid background of the Group's medical network, financial investment ability, sophisticated customer base and its over 20-year extensive experience in professional insurance operation and management in Macau, Tahoe Life (Macau) is dedicated to rendering comprehensive services to craft a brilliant future for our customers.

About Tahoe Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Tahoe Investment Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 by Mr. Huang Qisen. It is a leading conglomerate with businesses in real estate, financial services, medical services and healthcare, culture and education, and senior care sector. As of June 2018, it has equity holdings in a listed company -- Tahoe Group Co. Ltd. with total assets over RMB 230 billion.