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Taitung County Leads Taiwan through the Cloud Travel EXPO and Creates Business Opportunities During the Pandemic

Taitung County Leads Taiwan through the Cloud Travel EXPO and Creates Business Opportunities During the Pandemic

TAITUNG, Taiwan, Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to the pandemic, the Taitung County Government made a breakthrough by using smart technology and innovative marketing to sustain its connections with foreign tourists and suppliers. It organized the first "2021 Cloud Travel EXPO - Taitung Taiwan" across the country to exhibit Taitung's "authenticity, friendliness ,and beauty." Six Live Mall events and one online forum were held during the travel expo, the total number of YouTube online viewers at the online press conference was 4,595, and the total online viewers at the online conference were 4984. The highest number of simultaneous viewers in the Live Mall reached 1,700, and on August 26, the deputy county magistrate broadcasted more than 1,500 simultaneous viewers. The live broadcast attracted nearly 10,000 simultaneous online viewers and nearly 60,000 total viewers within three days.

Taitung County Deputy Magistrate Wang Chih hui with bass player Bom.
Taitung County Deputy Magistrate Wang Chih hui with bass player Bom.

Taitung County Deputy Magistrate Wang Chih hui appeared as a host in the live mall on 26th August, together with Bom, who is the bass player in the international rock band with the reputation of "Mayday in Thailand". The live mall has more than 1,500 viewers. In the live, Deputy Magistrate Wang Chih hui introduced the secret places of Taitung as well as the winning photos of the Taitung Photography Competition. These are all-inclusive on the official website of the Cloud Travel EXPO. For Bom, he is not only an internationally renowned rock band bass player, with 2 million followers on the social platform but also a member of the Thai royal family. As soon as he went online, he drove the popularity of live broadcasts. Being a lover of fishing and photography, he also shared his professional experience with the audience. This greatly enhanced the overseas popularity of Taitung attractions and taught the audience to take dreamy beautiful photos.

Joshua Yu, Director of Transportation and Tourism Development of Taitung County, also came to the live broadcast site to introduce Taitung's most popular international festivals. Wang Chih hui said, "We can see the Milky Way through Taitung's starry sky, the beautiful scenery you can enjoy in the rice fields during the day is different from that in the early morning." There are also special events such as hot air balloon events, triathlons, the most beautiful starry sky and Slow Food Festival, etc. Because of Taitung's unique environmental advantages, as well as sports and cultural celebration experience, travelers around the world are conveyed with Taitung's unique attitude towards life and travel awareness.

There were many exhibitions at the Cloud Travel EXPO that featured the suppliers of souvenirs, hotels, hostels, the arts and handicrafts. These exhibitions promoted the best restaurants and attractions in Taitung to the world. There are almost 20 Taitung local businesses, such as Wild Veggie Queen and Dondonstyle. And Ken, a well-known film and television director in Singapore, served as the host of the live mall. From August 25th to 27th, he invited international KOLs from Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, to participate in the games for three consecutive days.

In the two events on 25th August, David Siow, Jaze Phua, Pan Jiawei, and Veracia Yong Kexin were invited to participate and talked about the beautiful Taitung from the perspective of Singaporeans. By presenting scenic spots or stores in front of the world, conveying the beauty of Taitung to the hearts of tourists, and surpassing the restrictions of the epidemic, it can develop potential foreign tourists, and directly promote Taitung's products internationally, expanding the scope of reach and making changes. Many tourists from home and abroad left a deep impression, and Taitung will be included in the itinerary plan after unblocking.

According to the Transportation and Tourism Department and the Taitung County Government, Taitung is the first place in Taiwan to organize a Cloud Travel EXPO. The expo was the first one organized by a local government to use cloud technology to promote tourism anywhere in Taiwan. The Cloud Travel EXPO integrated foreign promotion, online streaming, online exhibitions, and introduced the streaming mall for real-time purchases. This allowed local suppliers in Taitung to carry out online marketing despite the pandemic and reach out to more customers. The Cloud Travel EXPO was organized in response to challenges brought by the pandemic. Preemptive preparations for the post-COVID era will allow the county government to continue marketing Taitung during the outbreak. Preemptive preparations will maintain connections with foreign suppliers and travelers in the hope of making Taitung the top destination for international tourists after the pandemic subsides. The expo also provided an opportunity to foreign travelers to purchase agricultural and artistic commodities made in Taitung.

The expo received support from the Singapore Tourism Board and Tourism Malaysia who also assisted in inviting foreign suppliers and buyers to participate. The travel expo lasted for three days and had 60000 real-time views from 15 countries to 1700 garnered over views. This allowed Taitung's abundant products and cultural features to spread worldwide.

About Taitung County Government

The Taitung County Government is the local government of Taitung County, Taiwan.

About 2021 Taitung Cloud Travel EXPO

This year, the Taitung County Government is planning to hold an international travel exhibition, the "Cloud Travel EXPO," using smart tech to overcome the current situation of being unable to travel abroad. In "Cloud Travel EXPO,"  it will share the must-eat restaurants, must-visit scenic spots, must-play activities, and must-buy items of Taitung to the world.


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