Taitung county recognized as Star Travel Destination for her natural sceneries

Taitung county recognized as Star Travel Destination for her natural sceneries

Life and leisure in Taitung with wonderful air, land and sea.

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Aug. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- With her natural sceneries, beautiful mountains and waters, natural pollution-free springs and air, and rich cultural resources, Taitung county, actively promoting various international surfing events, triathlon, Taiwan's international balloon festival and other activities in recent years, has been in line with the world and also recognized by the well-known travel website "Booking.com" as the top 10 "Rising-Star Travel Destination" in 2018. In order to cultivate the Singapore market, Taitung County Government has participated in "NATAS Travel Fair 2018" hosted by "National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS)" for three consecutive years to recommend Taitung's beautiful mountains, waters and delicious food to Singaporeans. This year, Taitung County Government has brought Taitung's leisurely rural landscape and the rich undersea world of Green Island, hoping to attract people in Malaysia and Singapore to visit Taitung for a journey of healing and leisure.

Fantastic event and rich gifts at Taitung County Pavilion
Fantastic event and rich gifts at Taitung County Pavilion

Taitung's most popular photographing Spot - "Mr. Brown Avenue" and "Green Road of Paradise"

Two idyllic paths in Chihshang Township, Taitung County -- one is straight, one is winding -- are popular after a shooting of commercial film. Visitors can see the vast green paddy fields without electric poles on the roadside, and truly feel boundless. Visitors will not only capture good scenery pictures to take, but also can take visitors mind away from the noise and experience the pureness of relaxation. Chihshang Township, because of the clear water quality and strict labeling system, grows the well-known rice of the island that visitors must have a try.

Must eat in Taitung for gourmand

The mountains and the sea of Taitung, nurturing rich natural ecology and products including quality rice, tea, golden needle flower(orange daylily), custard apples, Chenopodium rubrum (red quinoa), skipjack, and swordfish. Taitung makes the pure and natural flavor become her most plain pride.

The representative of Taitung County Government said that Taitung, in recent years, has actively promoted the concept of "From Farm to Table" and "Eat Locally and Seasonally", therefore gradually carved out the development of "Slow Food Taitung". The "Slow Food community" who pursues the "seasonal food" has gradually formed and realized Taitung's catering culture and the brand of friendly land.

This year's award-winning "Slow Food" restaurants, including "Sinasera 24 French restaurant", "MATA Resort", etc., can be found at https://goo.gl/5SrSMm, don't miss out if anyone have a chance to visit Taitung. In addition, Taitung's top 10 must-eat delicacies recommended by Taitung netizens include "Blue dragonfly fried chicken", "Under the Banyan tree - thick rice noodle", "Beinan steamed bun", "Lin family stinky tofu" and other delicacies, see http://t.cn/RDuk7rG.

Green Island Pygmy Seahorse Postbox unveiling -- delivering the blessings from deep sea, and leading the trend of exploring the ocean.

The coastline of Taitung is long and its water is clear, which is a world-class diving attraction for diving lovers. This year, visitors can dive into the 11-meter-deep sea to experience the colorful underwater world. By the cutest and most romantic Pygmy Seahorse Postbox, Taitung County will convey the blessing from the bottom of the sea and drive the global diving enthusiasts to explore the wave of the sea world.

Taitung County Government cooperated with Chunghwa Post to build the deepest underwater mailbox in the world, Pygmy Seahorse Postbox, at a depth of 11.5 meters below the seawater in the Shilang snorkeling area of Green Island. Visitors can purchase a waterproof postcard with Green Island scenery at the special store and put it into the postbox. The exclusive underwater postman will help you to "send" this blue blessing and share the beautiful underwater world of Taitung with their friends afar.

2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival is successfully concluded and is expected to see visitors again next year.

Taitung's natural resources and humanities are rich in content, and the travel itinerary is very diverse, allowing people to enjoy the sea, land and air in an all-round way. The just-concluded 2018 Taiwan International Balloon Festival was selected as the World's 12 most stunning hot air balloon festivals in the Travel Channel. 39 balloons from all over the world this year have been invited to join the festival, with their most numerous and topical record, making Taitung's sky particularly colorful and beautiful. Integrating the hot air balloon experience, music, projection mapping lighting show and other activities, this spectacular international event has attracted more than 890,000 visitors from home and abroad. We sincerely welcome the friends in Malaysia and Singapore to join us in the grand event next year.

There are many interactive activities during the "NATAS Travel Fair 2018" where visitors can eat, play, take, and most importantly have FUN.

"NATAS Travel Fair 2018" hosted by "National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS)" will be continued until August 19th. Taitung pavilion will prepare and share Taitung's specialties such as "Sachima"(Caramel treats), handmade rice Caramel treats, and caramel potatoes to local people. By taking pictures of Taitung's beautiful scenes and uploading to your social networking sites, or clicking "LIKE at Facebook "Amazing Taitung" fan page (https://www.facebook.com/taitung.tourism/), you can take the beautiful souvenirs home.

Welcome all friends from Singapore to feel the enthusiasm of people from Taitung.

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