Taiyo Corporation Introducing OPELAIII "Subscription Style" Rental Purchase Plan

Taiyo Corporation Introducing OPELAIII "Subscription Style" Rental Purchase Plan

Once subscription ends, the units can be redistributed as used equipment to countries with strong demands and thereby meet SDGs requirement

TOKYO, April 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiyo Corporation (Headquarter: Tokyo, Japan / President: Mariko Koizumi), the manufacturer of Wearable Surgical Lighting System OPELAIII, is launching a subscription style long-term rental service coined "OPELAIII Smart Plan" and begins accepting applications in both Japan and Singapore from April 2022 with actual service expected to begin in June 2022.

OPELAIII Standard Package (Left Photo), OPELAIII in action (Right Photo)
OPELAIII Standard Package (Left Photo), OPELAIII in action (Right Photo)

Medical facilities can start using OPELAIII without purchasing 

When purchasing medical devices as capital equipment, medical facilities such as hospitals often do not have funds readily available upfront. Most large hospitals have a long approval process for purchasing with wide gap between procurement cycles. For example, if a physician learns of an innovative new product and decides he wants it, he must undergo procurement application process today to be included in procurement for the following year or even later. Moreover, there is no certainty that the application will get approved for purchase due to budget constraints or other factors. The time lag between when decision to purchase is made and the actual timing of purchase causes manufacturers to lose business opportunities, which is a challenge facing OPELAIII as well. Therefore, in order to address this issue and allow doctors to start using the said medical device sooner, Taiyo Corporation developed OPELAIII Smart Plan, a low-cost subscription style rental purchase plan.

Start using at a low monthly fee of just ¥30,000 (in Japan) for up to 3 years. The subscription may be cancelled without penalty at any time after six months. With OPELAIII Smart Plan, physicians can begin using on their terms and later on decide to return the unit or purchase it by simply paying off the remaining balance.

Returned units can be redistributed overseas as used equipment

With rental schemes, when equipment is returned, there will be excess inventory of used items, but Taiyo Corporation has means to redistribute them overseas, where there is strong demand for used medical equipment made in Japan.

 Before medical facilities can purchase medical devices, there are unforeseeable factors to consider such as insurance coverage and fluctuation in the number of surgeries. In other words, it is important to have the flexibility to deal with changing needs of medical facilities. OPELAIII Smart Plan allows for rental and return anytime with no penalty to address this concern. On the other hand, what should a manufacturer do when faced with a surplus of returned used equipment? Taiyo Corporation is not only a manufacturer of medical device, but also an established exporter of other products with vast experience especially in the Middle East and North Africa. Therefore, by utilizing our local network in those regions, Taiyo Corporation is able to redistribute the surplus of used equipment effectively at lower price without compromising quality. It will not provide lower price and lower spec version for developing countries like many manufacturers do. Taiyo Corporation believes that a responsible manufacturer should provide access to the same high-end features available in Japan at affordable price for overseas market, and thereby contribute to SDGs* initiatives. Used medical devices coming from Japan are highly touted overseas for their excellent condition and durability. For added value, as manufacturer, Taiyo Corporation will inspect, perform maintenance and clean thoroughly then add warranty on top.

*SDGs Goal 3: Providing equal access to quality medical devices will meet Good Health and Well-Being

*SDGs Goal 12: Redistributing used equipment will reduce waste for Sustainable Consumption and Production

OPELAIII Smart Plan Features in Japan* (Overseas may Differ)

※Customize the plan accordingly in other countries to comply with local requirements and regulations

① Instead of paying initial capital investment upfront, pay only the monthly cost for up to 3 years.

② If users don't need it anymore, they can cancel anytime. There is no penalty, so long as they have used it for at least 6 months.

③ Costs of repairs and replacements of consumables are included for peace of mind.

④ If users wish to purchase at any time during the Plan, simply pay remaining balance.

⑤ At 3 years maturity, users may choose to return or purchase at their discretion.

Upcoming Implementation of OPELAIII Smart Plan

April 2022 Start accepting applications for OPELAIII Smart Plan nationwide

June 2022 Starting in Japan and in Singapore (Local Partner: Vintage Management Pte. Ltd.)

Taiyo Corporation

Established in 1981. With expertise in trading medical devices made in Japan (CT, MRI, etc. by Canon Medical Systems), we specialize in exporting to the Middle East and North Africa regions, considered to be particularly challenging for its political and economic instability.

In 2017, we acquired manufacturing and distribution permits, enabling us to launch the Wearable Surgical Lighting System OPELAIII (pronounced: "Opela Three"). As an innovative surgical illumination that allows for safer and more effective surgery, we have received numerous acclaims from many surgeons. We are a medical device manufacturer that can leverage on our import/export heritage to deliver innovative medical devices straight from Japan to anywhere in the world. https://www.opela3.com/en/

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