Take a Break from the Busy World and Enjoy a Leisurely Time at a Hangzhou B&B

Take a Break from the Busy World and Enjoy a Leisurely Time at a Hangzhou B&B

HANGZHOU, China, July 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Xinzhang Wang, an officer from the Hangzhou Tourism Commission, says that Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) have become a genuine love for many urban people since they suit their needs perfectly. All types of people, investors, operators, and customers, adore B&Bs. According to the research statistics of Hangzhou Tourism Commission, there are currently over 3,000 B&Bs in the city, constituting a flourishing and prosperous panorama of B&B businesses. If a starred hotel is comparable to a sumptuous meal, then a B&B is a private home cuisine with a delicious, lingering aftertaste. For a city, the B&B experience is sometimes more important than its tourist attractions. For many tourists, the B&B helps them more deeply experience the life of a city and discover the unique beauty therein. 

There are various types of B&Bs scattered around the West Lake. Visitors can break away from the noise of the world, and rest their weary souls in the pure land between the mountains and waters of Hangzhou.

Yunqi Fanjing. Blue Guest House

The villa is quite eye-catching with its Mediterranean-style decoration and blue and white mass-tone attune. Rooms inside are neat and bright, wooden floors are classic and comfortable, and the blue curtains brighten one's mood on sunny days. Even more impressive, the owner's private collection of furniture from the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the authentic 19th century oil paintings bring visitors back in time. The songs of birds and insects give off a country life feel, while the modern bath facility brings low-key luxury to the stay. The bamboo-lined path at Yunqi, which was selected as one of the the "Eighteen Scenic Sites of West Lake" during the Qing Dynasty, is only 200 meters away from the villa. The bamboos, tea garden, and ancient temples provide a relaxing atmosphere that transports visitors away from the hustle and bustle.

Malting Art Hotel

Malting Art Hotel is surrounded by tea garden and lush, green trees. It is an ideal location for travelers who love a fresh natural environment and are eager to forget their spiritual weariness. The interior design, decorations, and the various hotel accessories are artfully placed and designed. Large floor-to-ceiling windows cause the gradual change from day to night to be reflected in the room; the design of each room is thematically based on the growing seasons of malt; unique rooms are named after the solar terms. A novel and interesting aspect of this B&B is that parts of the corridor walls are layered with cardboard boxes and adorned with graffiti. The paintings on the walls also take on a mash-up combination with some coming from famous artists and some being fine works from children. Every detail of the hotel is in line with the ideal concept of B&B, reflecting the designer's taste and careful design.

There are still many other marvelous B&Bs in Hangzhou waiting to be discovered. B&Bs are a place to be close to nature and see the blooming flowers. A warm and calm atmosphere leisurely slows time to give travelers time to feel and explore life.

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