TAL Develops New International Strategy as British Prime Minister Makes Education a Priority During Her Visit to China

BEIJING, Feb. 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week, British Prime Minister Theresa May paid a three-day visit to China. During her visit, Teresa May went to see TAL's education technology products on Febuary 2, accompanied by TAL's President Bai Yunfeng. Products such as Xueersi Online School's Live Broadcast System, Xueersi Online School's Virtual Reality (VR) Classroom, Snowland Reading, and ABCtime Live all gained praise from the Prime Minister and her accompanying staff.

According to Theresa May, China being Britain's important economic partner will be establishing new joint relations with Britain in the education field. This will not only become an important cornerstone for establishing educational cooperation between the two countries, but will also bring about new opportunities to Chinese educational companies to develop new international strategies for a better future.

Bai Yunfeng explained, "Xueersi Online School is an online education platform, which provides education for over six million students across China and enables them to have real-time communication via its live broadcast system."

Currently, Xueersi Online School has begun integrating AI technologies into their live broadcasts. For example, students' pronunciation can be assessed real time in Chinese and English teaching, which was well received by the audience in attendance.

On the same day, British Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade Liam Fox was present for TAL's Xueersi English and the Oxford University Press' signing ceremony in Shanghai. Togther, the two parties will establish Xueersi English Overseas Research Institute in Britain, further developing TAL's cooperation with the UK's education sector. Specifically, it will help support R&D in China to better guarantee sustainable development and growth.

In recent years, TAL has been seeking to expand its cooperation aboard with leading educational technology companies, elevating its international strategic plans. The Chinese education company has collaborated with some of the leading international academic institutions in the world, such as ETS and world-renowned publisher Dorling Kindersley. TAL's content and products have also been introduced in reputable publications, including Reading A-Z, as well as National Geographic. A continual push for an internationalized education system has strengthened its core offerings, providing children in China with more systemized learning resources.

In the future, TAL will continue developing international education programs to accomplish its mission of "advancing education through science and technology", and help more Chinese students with going global.