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Tanmiah Food Company Announces USD$1 Million Prize for Positive Poultry Challenge

Tanmiah Food Company Announces USD$1 Million Prize for Positive Poultry Challenge

Global innovators, entrepreneurs invited to submit sustainable solutions for repurposing poultry waste in support of net carbon-negative footprint

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tanmiah Food Company (TFC) seeks innovative solutions to address the challenges posed by the excess amounts of poultry manure generated by their farms.




With the launch of the Omnipreneurship Awards: Sustainability Branch Grand Challenge, TFC, along with service providers NineSigma, aim to seek solutions to various hurdles that group companies are facing within their industries.

The challenge is open to the general public. After submissions are received and assessed, 5 organizations will be shortlisted to receive a USD$20,000 prize before proceeding to the final round. The winner will proceed to receive a USD$1 million award for their solution. TFC are looking for solutions that create new processes for converting and using the growing amounts of chicken manure towards value-added products for TFC's core business.

Historically, intensive poultry production has adversely affected the environment. The storage and disposal of raw poultry manure has become an issue because of the associated air, water and soil pollution: landfilling the poultry litter leads to greenhouse gas emissions; poultry manure decomposes into ammonia which has adverse effects on the health of birds and farm workers; poor manure-management leads to pollution of soil and water with pathogens and heavy metals, etc.. Given the sector's rapid growth rate, measures to reduce these emissions are needed. Existing technologies remain harmful to the environment, contributing to water and air pollution, and a deep carbon footprint. TFC's goal is to transform this harmful production process into a carbon-negative value chain, which positively contributes to the environment. 

As TFC's CEO, Zulfiqar Hamadani has highlighted "Tanmiah aims to become the leading sustainable poultry company in the region, as a net carbon-negative poultry producer and to serve as an exemplary circular business model in the region."

The Omnipreneurship Awards Program is the actualization of parent company, Al-Dabbagh Group's (ADG), governing corporate culture, that operates with a commitment to being a positive global corporate citizen. Previously, ADG has championed other awards programs: the Stars Impact Awards, recognizing impactful global NGOs and providing them with funding for their work; and the Philanthropreneurship Award, given to an individual or organization that blends business and philanthropy to solve key global challenges.

Click here for more information and to submit entries, which are due by 11:59 pm CET, December 15th 2020. Finalists will be announced in January 2021, and the winner of the challenge in June 2021.

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