Target:champion! 6 Major PCL teams will start their war at Wanyoo PGI.S eSports center.

Target:champion! 6 Major PCL teams will start their war at Wanyoo PGI.S eSports center. GlobeNewswire February 10, 2021

Shanghai, Feb. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PUBG Global Invitational.S kicks off on February 5. Teams from Mainland China, Taipei, and Japan is going to join the game online. Apart from that, other 22 teams, which come from Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and South Korea, would participate in the tournament in Korean’s Main Venue. On February 4, before Rank Decision, the 6 PCL teams had their last trained in Wanyoo X PGI.S theme eSports center, and it is also the first time that the head coaches from these 6 teams to be interviewed together. After winning all the Intercontinental Championships in 2020, the PCL is full of confidence and has said that the goal is to win the championship!

Unlike in the past, teams participated matches in their club bases, this time, PUBG has reached an official partnership with Wanyoo to build a Wanyoo X PGI.S Joint eSports Center for PCL teams, including 4AM, IFTY, TSG, MCG, Tianba, PeRo, to join the tournament from 5th February to 28th March. Since the early February, the PCL teams had been training in the theme center.

Each team gets a dedicated game room and a lounge. The posters of their highlight moment are hanging in the team room. The lounges are equipped with large display screens and training boards for the teams to resume after games. The battle flags hang high and team sighs stand out, which makes the fighting atmosphere strong.

Unlike previous closed venues, the first floor area of PGI.S arena will be open to fans. PUBG peripheral products and PUBG elements, like level 3 helmets, pans, telephone booths, can be seen everywhere, and the whole venue is decorated into PGI.S style, to provide an immersive theme center experience.   

Meanwhile, the center has been strictly comply with local COVID restriction, and staffs would get COVID test weekly. It is reported that the theme eSports center may be open for free later, for fans to watch games, as well as surprise activities such as on-site visits of mysterious celebrities. Many PUBG fans have already got itchy feet to visit and said they want to check in at the center. 

Before the Rank Decision start, the head coaches of these teams also assembled for media interviews for the first time. Lei Huang, coach of Tianba, said PGI.S is the first time Tianba stand on the stage of world championship. With the support of fans, the goal of is to win the championship. If GEN.G scramble landing points with us, we will make them come to nothing. The head coach of PeRo, who has been assigned into the ‘death group’, said, as a old Chinese saying tells us: a bold fool could beat the master, we will play in the matches without burden. As for the coach Xiaoyao, who is from 4AM, a team that has been on global stage from times with good performance, said, the team is currently in a stable state of mind, and there is not much ups and downs. The goal of 4AM is to win a championship in the final week!

Wanyoo eSports center across China will also cheer for PCL teams by holding online events. Every time the PCL teams win a game, the PGI.S Mainland China internet live streaming room will have Wanyoo’s gift cards distributed. There are also chances to win rewards such as Huawei tablets while watching PGI.S. The more they win, the more rewards audiences can get.

PGI.S, following the FACEIT Global Summit 2019, is once again a deep cooperation between Wanyoo eSports and PUBG. They connect online tournaments with offline scene, competition Venues superpose on players’ experience. Through creating an ‘eSports complex’, which holds events like professional tournaments, group playing, watching lives, checking in events, sale peripheral products,  Wanyoo and PUBG make more eSports players to be ‘eSports experiencers’, enhance dialogue with mass players, and explore the new development of PUBG eSports ecology.

Wanyoo has also developing its eSports center business out side of China. By now, Wanyoo has operating eSports centers in USA, Canada, England, Australia, Singapore. For franchise information, please contact email:, or Facebook: @OfficialWanyoo.


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