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TauRx Recognized as a Technology Innovation Leader in the Neurodegenerative Disease Management Industry

TauRx Recognized as a Technology Innovation Leader in the Neurodegenerative Disease Management Industry

ABERDEEN, Scotland and SINGAPORE, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TauRx, a leader in neurodegenerative disease research, today announced that it is the recipient of Frost & Sullivan's 2019 Asia Pacific Neurodegenerative Disease Management Technology Innovation Award.

Frost & Sullivan 2019 Best Practices Award.
Frost & Sullivan 2019 Best Practices Award.

The Award, part of ongoing research and independent analysis by global growth partnership company Frost & Sullivan to identify companies whose above average industry growth is enabled through consistent pursuit or investment in new technologies, recognizes the positive outcomes of TauRx's tau-focused research and credits the company's work in the following areas:

  • Industry Impact: Recognition of TauRx's commitment in improving Alzheimer's treatment. Notably, that its rember® and LMTX® products have pioneered the clinical development of tau aggregation inhibitors as a novel approach to treat the disease.
  • Product Impact: The Award notes TauRx's fruitful research into tau aggregation inhibition as a basis for developing drugs that target a range of neurodegenerative diseases of the brain sharing a similar pathology.
  • Application Diversity: Acknowledgement of TauRx's efforts in developing easy-to-administer tools using widely available, low-cost delivery methods that can detect, diagnose and track the spread of neurodegenerative disease in the brain.

Through the Award, TauRx has been recognized for its Visionary Innovation, in "developing novel treatments for neurodegenerative disease" and is credited with the indication that the company's low-cost therapeutic and diagnostic Alzheimer's solutions are "poised to revolutionize the market." TauRx scored an average rating of Excellent (9.5) on Frost & Sullivan's Decision Support Scorecard for Technology Innovation, with individual category scores of 9.5 for both Future Business Value and Technology Attributes, against competitor scores of 7.

"It is gratifying that our commitment to sound scientific research as the basis for innovative product development has been recognized. Ever since TauRx was founded in 2002, we have been advocating a therapeutic approach to Alzheimer's disease that was different to that pursued by most other pharmaceutical companies active in the field. Today, our approach has become mainstream and we have a disease-modifying product in late-stage clinical development that promises to be of real benefit to patients. This is a tribute to the far-sightedness of our shareholders," said Prof. Claude Wischik, Executive Chairman and co-founder of TauRx and Professor of Old Age Psychiatry at the University of Aberdeen. "While this Award is a credit to TauRx, it also supports and reinforces the need and opportunity for continued research efforts by the neurodegenerative disease management industry for the benefit of patients, researchers and healthcare practitioners in Asia Pacific and beyond."

TauRx continues its program of research in Alzheimer's with its new clinical trial, named LUCIDITY. Visit for further information.

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About Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurologic disease of the brain that causes damage to neurons – the specialized cells of the nervous system that enable the flow of information, thoughts and memories in the brain. When Alzheimer's damages neurons it leads to loss of memory and reasoning, which can affect a person's ability to interact socially or function at work. No treatment yet exists to halt the progression of Alzheimer's-related dementia, delay its onset, or prevent it from occurring. Currently available drugs only treat the symptoms temporarily.

About TauRx Pharmaceuticals Ltd

More than two decades ago, Professor Claude Wischik, a Professor of Psychiatric Geratology at the University of Aberdeen, and his team of bioscientists pioneered the early-stage research into tau aggregation inhibitors (TAIs) to specifically slow and halt the progression of Alzheimer's disease. With the results of this foundational research showing promise, TauRx Pharmaceuticals group was founded to continue the work towards development of an effective treatment for the disease and remains closely linked to the University of Aberdeen to this day. A privately held company, TauRx's strong research team has been established through cooperative relationships with multiple academic institutions around the world and has managed to thrive innovatively while delivering valuable results in a new era of medicine. TauRx's headquarters are in Singapore and its primary research facilities are based in Aberdeen. For more information, please visit:

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