TD Holdings, Inc. Awarded as One of the 2021 Top 30 Industrial Internet Listed Companies in China Under the Leadership of CEO Ms. Renmei Ouyang

SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TD Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: GLG) (the "Company"), a commodities trading service provider in China, today announced that it was awarded as one of the 2021 Top 30 Industrial Internet Listed Companies in China in the Industrial Internet CEO Sanya Summit and Venture Capital Carnival (the "Event"). Ms. Renmei Ouyang, the Company's CEO, was awarded the 2021 Outstanding CEO of China Industrial Internet in the Event.

The Event was jointly sponsored by B2B Internal Reference, Industrial Internet Vision and Industrial Internet Eagle Association and supported by Zhima Credit of Ant Group, also known as Sesame Credit. The theme of the Event is "New Opportunities under the Wave of Industrial Digitalization". The Event attracted various influential guests involved in the industrial internet sector, including listed companies, investment institutions, unicorn companies and well-known experts as well as representatives from outstanding companies in various industries, to discuss the development in this sector and share the new opportunities in the wave of the digital economy.

With leading investment institutions and listed companies in the industrial internet sector sharing their experience and expertise, the Event provided an extraordinary opportunity for all participants to engage and share their insights on a variety of topics, such as the development trend, popular trends, investment hotspots, and the direction of development and investment opportunities of China's industrial internet in the future.

According to the 14th Five-Year Plan on Digital Economy Development (the "Plan"), released by the State Council of the PRC, the Plan emphasizes the development of a digital economy during the 14th Five-Year Plan, promoting the integration and application of industrial internet and the digital transformation in all industries. It also lays out a plan to develop and connect supply chain finance with service-oriented manufacturing as the Plan aims to integrate digital technology into all sectors.

Ms. Renmei Ouyang, the CEO of the Company, spoke, "I am very grateful to the organizer of the Event as I am able to receive this award together with the Company, which represents that not only we have been recognized by the industrial internet industry, but the Company has also rapidly improved its brand awareness to access more opportunities and future cooperation in the industry. Looking forward, we will continue to enhance our competitiveness, promote development with our branding advantage, seek a greater development blueprint in the field of commodities trading and create long term value for shareholders."

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