Techman Robot Ready for International Robot Exhibition 2017 in Japan

TOKYO, Nov. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Techman Robot TM5, the first collaborative robot in the world to feature integrated visual recognition, will be making another appearance at booth IR5-01 during the biennial International Robot Exhibition in Japan featuring the latest technologies from around the world. The latest iteration of the TM5 combines smart visual recognition and force sensors to create an innovative solution.

Techman Robot TM5 is the world's first collaborative robot with built-in vision
Techman Robot TM5 is the world's first collaborative robot with built-in vision

TM's Proprietary Landmark Technology Delivers Outstanding Visual Recognition

The Techman Robot TM5 solution comes with a mobile cart that can be repositioned as necessary instead of being tied to the production line. Small variations in product placement can be overcome through precise positioning using smart vision. A range of application solutions are available for rapid integration with existing production line equipment. TM's patented 3D Landmark function allows the TM5 to quickly identify shifts in individual work stations and re-calibrate accordingly for fast production line changes and highly flexible production.

Hand-Eye-Force/High-Precision Screw Turning/Mobile Phone Assembly Solutions

High performance smart vision is used to recognize screw holes and tighten screws. Real-time alerts on assembly problems, like screw slipping or stripping, can be sent. Barcode scanning can be used to upload data such as the barcode content, screw fixing and inspection data to the cloud to help optimize customer quality control and pave the way for the introduction of the smart factory.

The new hand-eye-force product on display is an innovative solution based on "Force Sensor+Collaborative Robot." A collaborative robot is like the human arm while the force sensor and gripper are like human fingers. The eyes are supplied by TM's proprietary smart vision system. The TM5 equipped with force sensors and grippers can use TM's proprietary vision system for positioning. DRAM memory and other complex components can then be successfully assembled using a level of force similar to human fingers. TM has also partnered with Nabell to show the use of TM5 for making protective clothing.

Local Distributor Wanted in Japan

The Techman Robot is also publicly recruiting local distributors in Japan at the exhibition. The collaborative robot and high-performance visual recognition system is now being pitched at the Japanese market for businesses looking to automate their operations. Techman Robot products have now been adopted in Europe and Southeast Asia. The Techman Robot will make Asia its bridgehead for global expansion and the automation of global industries.

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