TECNO Launches New Telescopic Macro Lens Technology to Kickstart the New Year with Great Anticipation

TECNO Launches New Telescopic Macro Lens Technology to Kickstart the New Year with Great Anticipation

NEW DELHI, Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- TECNO, a premium smartphone brand, has earlier outlined its latest technologies and achievements at a webinar entitled "Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk". Webinar speakers highlighted recent technology breakthroughs, one of which is the powerful Telescopic Macro Lens that is included in the latest TECNO concept phone.

Dive into the Macro World with TECNO Telescopic Macro Lens

TECNO continues to strengthen the power of mobile cameras through innovation and provides users with technology upgrades comparable to professional camera lenses. Telescopic Macro Lens features an industry-first 5x Telescopic Macro lens that is handy for users to capture zoomed-in shots from a close-range distance, equivalent to the quality of the main camera taking pictures 20cm away. TECNO Telescopic Macro Lens is a 2.5 times upgrade compared to the average industry mobile camera zoom distance. This capability is an essential factor enabling users to capture beautiful candid images without interrupting nature's flow and dynamics.

TECNO telescopic macro lens will allow users to "Dive into the Macro World", taking advantage of large aperture and continuous lossless zoom to explore the fantastic world of macro. With the telescopic macro lens, users can capture the crystals on a snowflake, the individual furs around a cat's paws, and details of everyday life like beer bubbles and latte art. As a result, benefit from better quality for profile and telephotograph and its multi-purpose functionality.

It is an upgrade for people looking for that professional edge.Moreover, the compact design of the telescopic lens allows the mobile phone to boast both an elegant appearance and the quality of professional images. It combines the best of both worlds, marrying professional-level capabilities with the convenience and size of mobile imaging.  In addition, the compressed back focal length design with motorized stretchable lenses will significantly reduce the phone's thickness, integrating consumers' demands for simple appearance and high performance. 

TECNO's concept phone launch with new Telescopic Macro Lens technology is just the beginning of a new vision for the future of mobile camera. The objective of 'TECNO Future Lens' on camera innovation is to allow users to showcase their uniqueness via visual storytelling, filling in their world with diversified beauty through mobile camera innovation.

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