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Tencent Cloud Optimizes In-Game Voice Solution With Its Game Multimedia Engine (GME) Used by 5XGames and More Game Companies Globally

Tencent Cloud Optimizes In-Game Voice Solution With Its Game Multimedia Engine (GME) Used by 5XGames and More Game Companies Globally
  • Japanese game company 5XGames utilizes GME to provide real-time multi-player online voice communication capabilities and improve gamer experience
  • GME, Tencent Cloud's high-quality voice communication service, is trusted by companies and partners all over the globe

HONG KONG, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Improving the experience of gamers around the world, Tencent Cloud, the cloud business of Tencent – a world-class, leading cloud service provider of internet value-added services, underlines its commitment to expand its horizons with its Game Multimedia Engine (GME), an end-to-end, scalable, high-quality and cost-efficient voice communication service. GME is integrated into various game platforms and simultaneously brought online in multiple regions, being utilized by overseas companies such as Japan's 5XGames – providing support on multi-person voice chat 3D location voice and speech-to-text conversion as well as voice messaging.

As the first game company in Japan to utilize the GME, 5XGames leverages the support of Tencent Cloud's global infrastructure to boost its mission of distributing games not only in Japan but also to China. Its brand-new game Sword & Blade makes use of GME in full effect, helping gamers communicate easier by enabling 3D location voice while providing real-time multi-player online voice communication capabilities.

As gamers participate in multi-player online games and interact with fellow players from different countries and regions, a stable voice communications solution such as GME, which supports 120 languages, is becoming even more in demand. Adding to its list of existing clients around the world, including China and Southeast Asia, such as XD INC, Seasun Games, VNG, Electronic Soul, Hero Entertainment, WeMade, Penguin Esports, Kingnet, Giant Network Group and Ookbee, Tencent Cloud's GME has been making more waves in the global game industry. A step towards revolutionizing the specificity and accuracy of gamers' audio experience is the company's partnership with Audiokinetic, the leading global provider of cross-platform audio solutions, to offer GME for use with Wwise. GME is a cross-platform service which also supports game consoles – it is part of the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 Tools and Middleware program[1], and is also listed in the official developer portal of Nintendo as the authorized third-party voice communication middleware.

With features such as multiplayer voice chat, 3D positional voice chat, voice messaging and voice-to-text conversion as well as voice font library, players and game enthusiasts from various regions will have their experience amped up by GME. Adding to its already impressive functions that are set to further drive gamers' enjoyment are noise reduction, voice conversion and bandwidth extension.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said, "Tencent Cloud is pleased to have gaming companies from all over the globe, such as 5XGames, utilizing Tencent Cloud's GME, a state-of-the-art and cost-efficient voice communication service that will truly make gamers' connection to fellow players around the world much more instant and effective. GME is proving itself to be integral to our global partners' strategies, having been integrated into approximately 3,000 games worldwide and has 500 million minutes of voice communication per day. We are excited to be working with more gaming companies and seeing their services boosted by Tencent Cloud's technology."

Hasegawa san, Producer of Sword & Blade, 5X Games, said, "Looking to improve gamers' experience at every turn, 5XGames has been consistently driven in providing support for entertainment content in China, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia. We look forward to benefit more from GME's high-quality and one-stop voice solution as well as its strong technical support around the globe that helps us quickly deploy and distribute our games in different regions."

Tencent Cloud is a secure, reliable and high-performance public cloud service provider that integrates Tencent's infrastructure-building capabilities with the advantages of its massive user platform and ecosystem. Tencent Cloud provides global access and a rich array of services to governments and organizations that need advanced infrastructure and a resilient environment, such as those in the online games, live broadcast, and financial services sectors.


1. "PlayStation" is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

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