Tencent Holds 2017 Tencent Global Partners Conference in Chengdu

Tencent Announces Upgraded Open Platform Strategy, Expanded AI Capabilities and Enhanced Open Content Strategy

CHENGDU, China, Nov. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2017 Tencent Global Partners Conference (TGPC) opened on November 8 at the Western China International Expo City. More than 350 industry leaders from within China and overseas, 500 media and over 10,000 partners and industry experts gathered at the event to discuss the content ecosystem and cutting-edge technology under the theme of "Open - Creation", which describes Tencent's vision of creating content on its extensive network built through its Open Platform.

During the two-day conference, the latest open strategies for Tencent's product lines such as Weixin, QQ, YingYongBao, Tencent Cloud and QQ Music were announced, and the future of Tencent's ecosystem was discussed through 21 forums. In addition, more than 130 projects from Tencent's business lines and partners were featured at the exhibition, showcasing the latest developments in content and AI.

During the opening forum, Tencent announced the results from six years of applying its open strategy, highlighting that the total number of partners on the Open Platform has now exceeded 13 million, creating RMB 23 billion in partner revenue and 25 million jobs. 

"Our entire economy and society are becoming fully digitized, integrating online and offline. All sectors and industries are looking to ride this wave of digital transformation," said REN Yuxin, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent. "We see industries across the world hoping to upgrade their business through this trend, and drive their growth through digitalization."

In recent years, AI and related technologies have become a driving force for the global economy. For Tencent, AI is a strategic initiative and essential technology, supported by continued research and development, labs in China and the US, and the creation of the Tencent AI Accelerator which helps startups flourish and grow through access to Tencent's AI breakthroughs and by building on its platforms. Thousands of startups have participated in the program since the AI Accelerator was launched earlier this year. It has also empowered other industries through cooperation with these emerging AI startups.

As the mobile internet becomes ubiquitous, Tencent's open platform strategy addresses the recent rising value of digital content. This strategy is designed to enable and support a full content ecosystem, including content production, multi-channel construction, intelligent distribution and commercialization.

"In the cultural and creative industries, such as movies, games, music and online literature, the income of content creators accounts for about half of the industry's revenue," said LIN Songtao, VP of Tencent. "Our open content platform is dedicated to helping content creators explore their value as these industries continue to grow."

The Tencent Open Platform is focused on helping startups create, distribute and expand through their content for the cultural and creative industries. One such example is Tencent's Penguin Platform, which allows content creators to easily distribute their content across a wide variety of Tencent platforms, including Weixin, QQ, Qzone, QQ Browser, Kuaibao, Tencent News, Tencent Video, YingYongBao, and others.

Tencent also announced its "Three 10 Billion" plan for partners to further benefit from the Open Platform. In addition to the RMB 10 billion that Tencent will invest in revenue sharing with content creators, the platform will also bring 10 billion in user traffic to partners, as well as RMB 10 billion in industry resources, which include potential collaboration opportunities with research centers and universities, as well as working spaces for startups.

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