TenMax and Gojek partner to provide AI-based Martech solution to Indonesian merchants and brands

TenMax announces partnership with Gojek to provide AI-based Martech solution to marketers in Indonesia, enabling merchants and brands to access plan and monitor their digital marketing efforts in real time manner.

TAIPEI, Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TenMax.io, a marketing technology (Martech) firm, announced a partnership with Gojek, Southeast Asia's leading on-demand platform, to support GoGAN, Gojek Advertisement Network, in delivering best-in-class ad services to consumer brands, merchants, and ad agencies of all sizes in Indonesia. 

Tenmax exec team in Taipei HQ: Front row from left to right - Jeremy Lin, Dr.Nathan Chiu (CEO), Brian Yang (Managing Director), Eureka Tseng (PM). Back row from left to right - Tom Su, Jay Chau, Tsung-Yin Tsai and Dr.Richard Hsiao (VP of Engineering).
Tenmax exec team in Taipei HQ: Front row from left to right - Jeremy Lin, Dr.Nathan Chiu (CEO), Brian Yang (Managing Director), Eureka Tseng (PM). Back row from left to right - Tom Su, Jay Chau, Tsung-Yin Tsai and Dr.Richard Hsiao (VP of Engineering).

Leveraging TenMax's artificial intelligence and Gojek's insights-driven platform, the partnership will enable brands, agencies, and merchants to access a one-stop advertising solution to plan, measure, and optimize their digital marketing efforts across social media and content sites.

"We are thrilled to partner with Gojek to support GoGAN in Indonesia, by combining our expertise and Gojek's valuable insights to introduce solutions to Indonesian digital economy," said Dr. Nathan Chu, TenMax's CEO.

Gojek is founded on the principle of utilizing technology to remove life's daily frictions by connecting consumers to the best providers of goods and services in the market, from transportation to food and many other services. 

"In collaboration with TenMax.io, we are further reducing the friction of digital media buying, allowing our merchant partners and global brand clients to optimize their digital marketing initiatives of all sizes, powered by our user-base and first-party insights, and the proprietary martech platform from TenMax.io, to create value for the Gojek ecosystem," Antoine de Carbonnel, Gojek's Chief Commercial Officer added.

GoGAN's proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) or deep learning technology can assist marketers in key aspects of programmatic media buying through: 

  • One-stop shopping cross-channel media buy: buy Facebook/Instagram and local website ad space in a few clicks. The real time bidding (RTB) capability makes sure advertisers get superior costs per click and impressions to reach their target audiences. 
  • Real time analytics and performance report generating dashboard, which provides brands and agencies insights and allows them to recalibrate marketing strategy.

"Co-working with the Gojek team has been a pleasure, the insights allows us to further train and optimize our real time bidding (RTB) algorithm, placing the right contents to the right audiences at the right cost. With satisfactory initial results, we now work with more partners from the ad agencies world, premium content publishers, and the entire Gojek ecosystem, from global FMCG brands, consumer electronics, to regional SMBs, and MSMEs, to GoGAN platform as a solution for any company in Indonesia and beyond," said Brian Yang, TenMax.io's Managing Director.

"We engaged with brands beyond the food sectors, including insurance, banking, lifestyle, fashion, gaming, and we look forward to working with ad agencies as well to provide the innovative solution to more world brands," said de Carbonnel. 

Globally, ad-services on e-commerce giants are now contributing billions of revenues per quarter and growing at 60%+ YoY, which further increases overall transaction volume. Yang hopes the collaboration can help drive such flywheels for the new partnership between TenMax and Gojek and benefit the entire ecosystem. 

Through long-standing commercial and technical partnerships with leading ad platforms such as Facebook and Google, TenMax and its sister company cacafly.com, has provided digital marketing services to over 10,000 clients in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Malaysia. 

About TenMax 

Established in 2015, TenMax Ad Tech Lab developed full suite digital marketing solution, which includes DSP (Demand Side Platform), SSP (Supply Side Platform), DMP (Data Management Platform), and Ad Exchange system. TenMax is part of funP Innovation Group, backed by leading VCs such as CDIB Capital Group and the CID Group.