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tesa Transforms Adhesive Tapes Into Heroes

tesa Transforms Adhesive Tapes Into Heroes

Wafer-thin or strong as Hercules: Adhesive tapes are all-rounders with unexpected superpowers

NORDERSTEDT, Germany, Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- We all have our own favorite stories of personal heroes. We at tesa also have heroes whom we love and celebrate – our tesa tape heroes: products with unique capabilities.

Up to 130 adhesive tapes in a single car

tesa® FireGuard is a fire containment sealing patch developed specifically with safety of electric vehicles in mind – withstanding flames of up to 500°C for more than five minutes, tesa® FireGuard protects the passenger compartment so that people in the car can exit the vehicle safely in the event of a battery fire in an electric car. Learn more about tesa® FireGuard here.

"Flying Splices" for the printing industry and film processing

The introduction of the tesa® EasySplice series more than two decades ago revolutionized the paper industry, then in the paper printing industry and later in the booming flexographic printing industry. The tape's reliable splice performance enables a quick change from one reel of paper or film to the next efficiently with no web breaks that could interrupt the continuous production process. Learn more about the tesa® EasySplice series here.

More features of tesa all-rounders:

  • Ultrathin - tesa® 4912 ­
    5μm thin, 20 times finer than a strand hair
  • Strong - tesa® 55791 Powerbond
    A few strips can lift a small car (up to 1,000 kg)
  • Enduring - tesa® 6957 Laser Film
    Holds more than 1,600 hours at up to 150° C
  • Flame-retardant - tesa® 54332 FireGuard
    Resists 6 minutes at 500 degrees Celsius
  • Quick & tear-resistant - tesa® 51150 EasySplice
    Tear-resistant even at roll speeds of 1,000 meters per minute
  • Powerful - tesa® HAF
    Elevated bonding strength with 30 N/mm2 on the smallest surfaces. For example, a weight of >4t can be held on an area of 4x4 cm
  • Ultralong - tesa® 51235
    50 kilometers of adhesive tape (tear strips) on a single roll

About tesa Singapore

With more than 7,000 adhesive solutions, tesa Singapore is a multinational company that develops innovative adhesive tape solutions. Approximately 500 engineers and designers work at tesa to continuously develop tapes in step with the times and tailor them to the needs of customers across all areas, from the automotive industry, over the electronics and construction industries, to the paper and printing trade sectors.

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