The TextGrabber, the Best OCR Application that Helps International Tourists Read Chinese

BEIJING, June 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- For international tourists traveling in China, one of the biggest hurdles is to read Chinese. Now this problem will be effectively cracked. The TextGrabber, launched by Maoqilai Technology from China, will be introduced to international friends free of charge to help them read Chinese easily.

More accurate ORC, get what you see
More accurate ORC, get what you see

TextGrabber is one of the best applications currently used in the Chinese OCR (optical character recognition) market, which has a powerful scan-and-translate feature that can help international tourists traveling in China. They just need to launch the TextGrabber and scan when they want to read the Chinese version of a tour strategy, to order Chinese food, or to read Chinese books and magazines. The texts in the books, pictures or landmarks will be automatically translated into the language of the user's choice. The texts can also be easily edited, saved in the app, and shared with other mobile phones.

The Professional Edition of TextGrabber has many features such as image recognition, PDF scanning, document management, and notebooks. With its help, international tourists can record local customs and practices they are interested in anytime and anywhere during their travel in China, and write journals of travel in China with different typesetting and pictures.

As an AI technology company, Maoqilai Technology adheres to its mantra "Touch the Heart." TextGrabber can touch users' hearts with its clean, ad-free interface, its easy and convenient operations, its high attention to users' feedback and constant updates driven by feedback. This is exactly the reason why it has won the word-of-mouth recommendation from more than 100 thousand users in mere two months without any active promotion.

To better help international tourists, TextGrabber will also launch a free edition. "We will continue to optimize our products based on AI technology and feedback from international tourists, so that they can appreciate Chinese culture more conveniently, more comprehensively, and more diversely," said Cao Tianming, the founder and CEO of Maoqilai Technology.

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