Theme for China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2018 Established

Digitalization, Interconnection, Intelligent Manufacturing

SHANGHAI, Dec. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A new round of industrial revolution guided by information interconnection in global range has been going deeper and deeper with each passing day; the manufacturing industry is experiencing the evolution from automation and digitalization to synergy and intelligence. It brings an all-around deep change to the global machine tool & tool industry. The development trend and emphasis of the integration development strategy of industrialization and informationization represented by the Industrial Internet advocated by the US, Industrial 4.0 put forward by Germany and Made in China 2025 are all pointing to intelligent manufacturing. In this context, China CNC Machine Tool Fair 2018 (CCMT2018) will be held in Shanghai from April 9-13, 2018. The organizer, China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association (CMTBA), identifies the theme of CCMT2018 as "Focus on--Digitalization, Interconnection, Intelligent Manufacturing" via tracking and summarizing domestic and foreign markets and industrial development trend. This theme responds to the latest changes in the consumer market of machine tool & tool at home and abroad, condensing the concern and thought for the future development direction of the said industry.

Focus on Digitalization -- Foundation of the Intelligent Manufacturing

Digitalization is the foundation of the future industry and interconnection manufacturing. Facing the arrival of digital manufacturing era, the global machine tool & tool industry comply with the trend of the development of times to bring out a series of new technologies and products. These technologies and products have distinct characteristics of digital production equipment, possessing complete advanced network solutions, powerful communication function, flexible & compatible openness and rich application software, realizing the transition of CNC system from "machine tool controller" to "digital manufacturing management controller", and the transition of CNC machine tool from "manufacturing machine" to "digital unit". At the same time, some famous enterprises using their unique technical advantage and experience long-time-accumulated in numerical control field have launched the digital factory intelligent solutions to assist clients to jointly push the construction and development of digital factory from hard & soft 2 aspects. Under such background, China has put forward the strategic plan of "Made in China 2025" in 2015, highlighting the promotion of digital manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and the transformation & upgrade from digital manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. It is an inevitable trend in the development of manufacturing. CCMT2018 as an observation and display window showcasing the huge machine tool market of China and the international advanced technology and equipment will bring in various leading-edge information and experience of digital manufacturing in the world to fully display the machine tool & tool industry's advanced technical characteristics in digital manufacturing.

Focus on Interconnection (networking) -- Path of Intelligent Manufacturing

Realizing collaborative manufacturing and meeting the mass customization require the connectivity of various resources. Based on digitalization, to connect the path of information interaction between the equipment, to strengthen the application of historical data and to introduce intelligent algorithm are the main way and path for the transformation of the numerical control equipment to the intelligent equipment. Therefore, one of the important prerequisites for realizing the intelligent manufacturing is the connectivity of equipment and the interconnectivity technology of CNC machine tools has been highly concerned in the world for a long time. In 2006, the American institute of mechanical manufacturing technology (AMT) proposed the MT-Connect protocol for interconnectivity of machine tool equipment. In the same year, the OPC foundation, a standard international organization, re-developed OPCUA's industrial Control and interconnection protocol on the basis of the OLE Process Control. In 2013, the OPC foundation and AMT negotiated the compatibility for the two interconnected protocols. In 2016, a cooperation agreement between the German industry 4.0 platforms and the industrial Internet alliance of the United States was signed; clarifying the way and means of integrating the two, and the main integration point was in the standard system.

Beneficial exploration in internet technology on domestic numerical control machine tools has also been carried out in recent years, but the research did not form unified national standards, restricting the transformation and upgrade of domestic numerical control industry towards intelligent. China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association attaches great importance to the research and application of internet communication protocol standard for CNC machine tool. The "CNC Machine Tool Interconnect Communication Protocol Standard Alliance", was founded in 2016, aiming to promote the further development of Internet technique for CNC machine tool industry in China. CCMT2018 will focus on the latest performance of the interconnection trends in the machine tool & tool industry to explore the assistance to integrate and promote internet technology in manufacturing industry.

Focus on Intelligent Manufacturing -- Manufacturing Development Direction

With the support and push by present digitalization and information interconnection techniques, the realization of intelligent manufacturing prospects will be increasingly clear, namely, to build digital assets on the basis of high performance products, to realize information interconnection, and to lift the level of intelligence in manufacturing. Machine tool intelligence technology could process and handle the factors of environment, machining object, machining requirements, machining process, equipment per se and random changes via sensor and multi-information fusion technique to obtain the never reached height in quality, efficiency, effectiveness, safety compared to traditional control techniques. Many achievements in machine tool intelligence technology in recent years and development trends will be fully displayed in CCMT2018. Intelligent technology is the commanding height of modern automatic control technology, which constitutes a new important factor for product competitiveness and reflects the new requirements and new changes of the future market. CCMT2018 will be enough to make us deeply feel the endless charm of intelligent technology and the times of intelligence are quickly coming to us.

Mr. Mao Yufeng, President of CMTBA said, "The field of current machine tool & tool industry should be on the basis of high quality products to face those major directions of digitalization (real and virtual), automation, internet of things & internet and industrial big data to conduct research with the ultimate goal to realize digitalization and intelligent manufacturing. Focusing on market changes and industrial development is an important task of China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association, which is also its policy to hold the 2 brand exhibitions of CIMT and CCMT. Focusing on digitalization, focusing on the Internet and focusing on intelligent manufacturing are not only the latest trends reflecting China's market demand, but also representing the development direction of global international machine tool & tool industry. Taking that as CCMT2018's theme will be helpful to the exhibition to focus on market changes and industrial development, providing a rare opportunity to everyone for display and exchange."

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