TI chief: Malaysia has not replied to $990m 'donation' query

TI chief: Malaysia has not replied to $990m 'donation' query

After his strong statement on the USD700mil (S$990 mil) 'donation' in the Prime Minister's account, Transparency-International chair Jose Ugaz said he had yet to receive a reply from the Malaysian government.

"We did not have any statement from the government after my speech," said Ugaz when asked by a participant if Malaysia had responded to his statement on Wednesday during the Behind Bars: Bringing perpetrators of Grand corruption to justice workshop.

In his keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) on Wednesday, Ugaz spoke about the donation and 1MDB issue.

"There is a corruption crisis here. As a global anti corruption movement, it is our role to ask questions, to challenge those who abuse their power, to champion those who cannot speak and to engage with those who sincerely wish to change.

"The government has taken many measures and initiatives to tackle corruption," said Ugaz.

Ugaz said he has asked Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Paul Low about the donation but was told only the Prime Minister can answer his question.

"We had a meeting two days ago. His statement was - the one who needs to explain is the Prime Minister, not him, not the Commission or the Attorney-General," Ugaz said.

Ugaz said he was hoping to meet Najib during the conference and had tried contacting the Prime Minister's Office for a meeting.

"He said he was coming but he cancelled it last time. So it hasn't been possible.

"We have been contacting his people for months," he said.