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TIENS Group Initiates Post-Pandemic Forum on Global Health

TIANJIN, China, Aug 6, 2021 - (ACN Newswire) - TIENS Group hosted the "One Belt One Road: Health Industry Development Forum for the Post-Pandemic Era" on August 3, 2021. The forum acted as a platform for industry leaders and stakeholders from different sectors to meet up and delve into health industry challenges, addressing them in turn for the post-pandemic era.

Later, the guests debated innovation, reform and improvement in the global health industry. China, which has become a stern yet exemplary leader in the world's post-pandemic era, is leading the movement of change in the health industry. Global health sectors, especially in Asia, have benefited greatly from China's supply chain model and the innovation brought about by the Belt and Road Initiative.

TIENS Group plays a representative role in China's health care industry, a major reason for its steady growth. Li Jinyuan, Chairman of TIENS Group, delivered the hallmark mentioning design and efficiency in the health industry today and spoke of his Group's endeavours and the support they have received from Chinese Belt and Road policy. A strong advocate of the Belt and Road Initiative, TIENS Group makes no secret of this progress helping them.

The global progress of Chinese enterprises means keeping abreast of the times. TIENS Group enjoys an excellent reputation in today's market and proudly carries the "Made in China" label on all its great health products. Currently, its business has expanded to Europe, Asia, Germany, Russia, Africa, and other regions around the globe. The Group has its own logistics in many countries as it covers the world through its own expanding operations.

TIENS Group has been engaged in the larger health industry for 26 years. It has accumulated profound experience in the domestic and foreign markets, setting up solid supply channels, accumulating growing numbers of customers, and building a well-known brand. As a result, it holds the balance in the health industry both at home and abroad.

The TIENS Group aims to strengthen its exchange and cooperation with domestic and foreign enterprises over this broad platform, jointly promoting the development of the health industry with others, and making a greater contribution to the health of the world's citizenry. Please visit the company's website at

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Yukai Wang, TIENS Group


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