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Tiger Bank leads successful real-world professionals into the world of Web3 The actual exchange of assets in the virtual world for real resources

Tiger Bank leads successful real-world professionals into the world of Web3 The actual exchange of assets in the virtual world for real resources
HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 29 April 2022 - Tiger Bank announced a brand new NFT project that is friendly for all novices to NFT world. This project will guide beginners to understand NFT and blockchain through an easy-to-understand knowledge bridge. Tiger Bank hopes to help holders link the value of Web3 to Web2 to get practical business support through simple and easy-to-understand gameplay. In this community, successful people from all walks of life have gathered. Besides sharing experiences, opportunities and trends, the project owner also provides NFT-related news and marketing services.


Project details:

Web3, also known as the Third-Generation Web, differs totally from Web2 world. Web2 is dominated by tech giants, and everything is centralized and controlled by specific companies and organizations. However, with the vigorous development of blockchain technology, the world of Web3 has arrived, and decentralized services and products are gradually extended, in which builders, creators and participants can take part in the formulation of game rules. "Forbes" reported in January this year that the number of users of Web3 products worldwide has exceeded 10 million.

Holding "Tiger Bank NFT" and getting two increasing added-value plans

To help NFT enthusiasts who want to get a seat in the Web3 world as soon as possible, the project team has designed complete long-term value-added plans when the project is released. Therefore, relevant added value can continue to increase with the participation and interaction of the holders. This mechanism stems from the project's unique "salary mechanism" - each NFT has its "salary leaderboard" besides its rarity, called "TigerDollar".

These TigerDollars obtained in the Web3 world can be actually exchanged for real-world resources. For example, holders can pay TigerDollars for NFT master lecture tickets. If the holders have their own NFT projects, they can also by paying a certain amount of TigerDollar to get the resource support from the project party.

The first added-value plan is "community support", which is a community that gathers successful people from all walks of life. As long as the holders join the Tiger Bank community, through the mechanism and communication activities designed by the project party, they can rapidly establish a personal network in Web3, where there are business partners and success stories, and holders from all over the world. This strong community also provides each other with opportunities and business potential to explore different regions and countries.

The second added-value plan is "game value-added". The project party will hold various tasks in Discord. Holders can earn "TigerDollar" for their tigers through tasks. By interaction and participation, they can get more community support.

Tiger Bank was founded by Eagle Sky, an Asian digital marketing group. So Tiger Bank is not only a brand or project but also an experienced marketing and project management team. It is active in the marketing field of both Web2 and Web3. In the future, it will continue to support its NFT holders with valuable services and actions in the web2 world.

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